Are KPackageKit update and Yast online update basically doing the same thing?

Hi, I am a new user of opensuse. It seems KPackageKit and Yast are both provided doing the same function with 2 different interfaces, the KDE way vs Yast way? To have scheduled system update, do I only need to turn on either one of KPackageKit updater or Yast automatic online update?

When I type in “software” in the start menu search, the similar naming of all these software managment apps are rather confusing, since yast and packagekit both has their own version. A slightly different label may be easier.

They should
But kpackagekit can’t be trusted.

Use Yast > Online Update

You can see packagekit not to start at boot to get rid of it

On 07/18/2011 07:36 PM, bamoqi wrote:
> do I only need to turn
> on either one of KPackageKit updater or Yast automatic online update?

kpackagekit is broken, do not use it…always use YaST…

for a while i use kpackagekit as a way to know when something new was
available…but, it couldn’t even do that right so i used YaST to delete

now i just pop open YaST Online Update once a day (first thing when i

check around…

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And even when it would function as intended, they are not the same basicaly. Yast Online Update does only care for updates in the openSUSE Update repo. While PackageKit does work on all newer versions in all repos you have enabled. Which for me is enough not to use PackageKit.

Thanks. I don’t know kpackagekit being unreliable, but I do like the Yast interface better. But if that’s the case, why use kpackagekit as default, and recommended by the reference guide, just to confuse new users? :question:

Don’t ask us, we are users like you. I personaly have the same question.

On 07/19/2011 04:06 PM, bamoqi wrote:
> just to confuse new users?

also just a user (as Henk mentioned) i think the story is that KDE
developers added kpackagekit into KDE with the possible idea that it
would become the lingua franca of Linux package management for all
distributions shipping with KDE…

and the openSUSE developers wanted to support that goal…
but, the problem is that they were not able to fully mesh the existing
YaST and new Kpackagekit together

work to patch of the two together is ongoing, see:

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