Are KDE apps compatible with XFCE or Icewm?

I gave it 6 months, “Plasma” is still as disappointing as it was on day 1 :frowning: , even more so on SuSE 11.3, but I love the KDE apps. Any suggestions on a lightweight window manager
(XFCE or Icewm) Don’t care about effects, I like dark and minimalistic where I can define colours, window size and placement, any suggestions would be highly appreciated before I rototill this installation.

Plasma has too many irritating features that I cant turn off, just too much like Windoze

LXDE is the one for you. I love it. You can still run KDE apps, no problem. And superfast.

Mind, on a clean install with LXDE, installing KDE apps will pull in the necessary libs etc, can be quite a lot. Don’t ignore those dependencies.

Then again, you can turn off the effects in Plasma…

You can use them - yes.

Great thing about Linux, is that it all works together.

I haven’t tried Lxde, but it looks more similar to KDE than the Gtk (Gnome and Xfce) variety.

Pulling applications based on one environment (KDE apps) into another (like Gnome or LXDE) just means some additional libraries and dependencies need to be pulled in as well. Sometimes this can have unexepcted results.

For example, I installed DigiKam on my Gnome system, and everything worked fine (well, crop didn’t work but I still have to look into that). What was unexpected was when I ran my PHP app from Netbeans, it opened it in Konquerer! I wasn’t expecting it, and didn’t know DigiKam pulled that in too. It was easy enough to tell NetBeans to use Firefox (or Chromium or whatever) instead.

I’ll mix Gnome and Xfce on one system, but I try not to mix Gnome and KDE one the same system because the menus (at least they used to) become such a mess as each wants to bring in their own versions of applications so there is duplication on top of duplication.

You just have to set the environ variables XDG_DATA_DIRS, XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XDG_MENU_PREFIX accordingly.

KDE, Gnome, XFCE, LXDE follow the FreeDesktop rules. They look for ${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/menu/${XDG_MENU_PREFIX} as their menu file and build the menu entries from the .desktop files present in $XDG_DATA_DIRS.

opendesktop (LXDE) uses a perl script ( /usr/bin/xdg_menu) under openSUSE or a python script importing gmenu on other distros to build the menus ‘on the fly’.

There is no mess at all. :wink:

Hi Knurpht,
Although I enjoyed the effects initially I disabled them after a few days, novel but I’d rather put the horse power towards the work, my issue with plasma is all the things I have no control over. I really liked KDE3.5, I could tweak just about every aspect I wanted to.
The question at this point is, may I change the window manager on this installation or will I have to trash the installation to move to LXDE?

As always I thank you for your time, Cheers!

11.3 and LXDE should be good

Incidentally, where in Pasco. I have a residence at 34652 Gulf Harbors just off Hwy 19

The two things are not related. You can have (install/use) as many window managers as you like. “Kde” doesn’t just refer to a window manager. It is a desktop environment, full of stuff - applications, librairies, etc - which uses it’s own window manager. LXDE has no window manager at all. It uses opendesktop (which is just a window manager and not more). I admit, it might be a little bit confusing.

Thank you one and all, it’s just so cool that there’s a place to get real suggestions and answers from knowledgeable people,
I love Linux and open SuSE, I just have to get "a whole lot smarter"on all things Linux.
At this point think I’m going the LXDE route, if kinks I can’t resolve come up I’ll be back, whining…

I have been having a lot of trouble with plasma myself, however, my version of KDE4 is rather old since I have 11.1 on my laptop. I will write a detailed description of the problems I had, but now I just make the comment that after reading about the suggestion of using LXDE, I installed it in about 10 minutes and it works pretty well, nothing needs to be trashed. It works from the menu of interface options suse has. So now I am working with both GNOME and LXDE, and yes, LXDE is very light, simple and nice. By the way, from the last time KDE4 crashed I haven’t been able to work with it, but about that I will talk later.