Are Dell uefi settings Opensuse friendly?

I am looking at getting a new desktop computer and wonder if Dell uefi settings are Opensuse friendly?

It is a long time since I bought a Dell computer. My current computer is an Acer one - which was a bit of a saga to get working, I ended up copying and renaming grubx64.efi as bootx64.efi in the folder /efi/boot/efi/EFI/Boot/ with help from this forum.

The model that I am looking at is a Dell XPS DT 8940.

Thanks very much.

I have 6 Dell Latitude 7490 - no issues with OpenSUSE 15.2 and UEFI - there is no legacy booting a hard disk on new Dell computers - you have to use UEFI.

I got a new Dell XPS-15 laptop early in 2017. The day it arrived is the day I wiped the nvme2 drive and installed Tumbleweed (uefi version). I do not dual boot. Only problems I had were owing to using a rolling release. Nothing serious.

Thanks for posting.

Sorry I should have added that my intention is to leave windows 10 on the computer and set up tumbleweed as a dual boot.