Are 12.1 rpo's being abbandonned?

Since I installed 12.1 version I have noticed that some applications are not being updated and some repos are not available.
For example, Rosegarden, on multimedia repo, was never updated to the november 11.11 version. (It used to be updated few weeks after a new release.)
In the multimedia repo there’s not the musescore repo as there was in 11.4 and in serve repo there’s not the messaging repo that was available for 11.4.
So apps like musescore, emesene are no longer available to opensuse 12.1 unless we install them from 11.4 repos, with the risky that they doesn’t work correctly.
There are several bug reports and complaints about gtk apps not working correctly on kde but the situation doesn’t seem to have been solved.
Does anyone know what is happenning to opensuse development?
Will these situations be corrected? Will users have to start to compile everything from source as if they were in gentoo or slackware? Is opensuse slowly dying and going to become defunct in the near future as happenned to kurumin and many other distros?

You need to talk to the repository/package maintainers direct;

Some just need the 12.1 repository enabled…

Have a stooge around OBS from the main project page

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Thank you. I didn’t know that I could contact developers directly. I followed your instructions and have received some interesting answers from them.