Arctis 7 - pulseadio

I am trying to set up my Steelseries arctis 7 headset
This has two audio streams (a mono one for chat, and a stereo one for most uses)

The packaged pulseaudio in Leap 15.1 is version 11
A new version of pulseaudio (13) is now available
From version 12, the arctis 7 has been supported out of the box.
Version 13 is included in tumbleweed (and also upcoming Leap 15.2)

I would ideally like to upgrade to pulseaudio 13. Is this possible without upgrading my whole installation to tumbleweed?
There are some workarounds to use pulseaudio 11 with the arctis 7, but it seems counter intuitive when a newer version supports the feature I need.

Hi, welcome to these forums,

Pulseaudio 13.0 is in the multimedia:libs repo:
But, I don’t know if it’s compatible with the rest of your multimedia libs.

Thank you. This seems to have done the job and not broken anything as far as I can tell.

When I now come to upgrade to 15.2 in a couple of months, do I just need to remove this repository? (As 15.2 should have the required package in the main repo)

Yeah, that should work.