Archiving older posts

I’m wondering if the forums should archive the older posts, say, those older than three years ago (for example).
I’ve been noticing a lot of old posts (re-populating?) that are fairly outdated (because the openSUSE version is way out of date, or such).
Just a thought.

Just to let you know that your comment did not went down the black hole, people are looking into it.

During that it was pointed to, that the Advanced Search function has the possibility to give a Newer then Date … option. Thus it must be possible to filter out old threads.

But wouldn’t that be confined to when I do a search?

Yes, but Henk was just pointing out that it is possible to exclude old threads with careful searching. We think your idea has some merit and it is being discussed by the moderators (as Henk already mentioned).

Ah, yes. Thanks for the update.
I’m happy to be able to input for the betterment of this forum (yes, I realise that the preceding sentence sounds weird, but I just woke up, and my neurons just aren’t firing properly this morning. I think you can probably get the gist of what I’m trying to say).