Archived Forum Content

The one remaining thing that doesn’t seem quite natural to me is that the archived forum content is right in the middle of the forum sections list.

Surely it should be at the bottom? Most people, well myself atleast, will scroll through the forum sections methodically, every time I’ll flick past the archive section on my way to the lower areas, wondering why it’s stuck in the middle like a beached walrus :wink:

Would it be possible to move, (or atleast have the option to hide) the archived forums section to the bottom? While it’s ofcourse useful, it doesn’t feel quite right having it teetering in the middle of current content. :slight_smile:

The archived content is help content from the merged forums. It’s located in it’s natural position at the end of the Help section of the board. In IPB members had the option to collapse sections of the board…we’ll have to check and see if that feature is available in vB, and if so, if there is a skin problem preventing its function.