Arc Menu causes GUI problems

Sorry if this is redundant, I couldn’t find my answer with the search function.
I’m new to openSUSE and just started using the Gnome DE full time also. I tried to install Arc Menu, which installs fine, but when I open the menu the GUI essentially locks up. I can still click around, but I can launch any applications, Arc menu itself is frozen, the keyboard is unresponsive, and I’m unable to reboot the system and have to shut down manually with the power button. I switched to Gno-Menu and it’s working with no issues. I don’t know if this is because of the Gnome version, another issue with the extension, or some difference between SUSE and other distros. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Is there an easy fix? I’m getting used to Gno-Menu, but I prefer Arc. It’s much more familiar coming over from Budgie and doesn’t feel as “heavy” as the KDE-style Gno.

Which version of GNOME shell are you using?

  • The default version for Leap 15.2 is 3.34.5 – with nothing else available …
  • Tumbleweed is on version 3.38.1.

The Arc Menu pages at “” mention that, version 1228 is no longer being maintained and, points to version 3628 …

Thanks, that’s got to be the problem. I’m using the default Gnome 3.34.7. Guess I’ll have to wait until 3.38.1 comes around.

To update Gnome 3.34 to 3.36 or newer we need newer glibc, which possibly will available in new Leap 15.3, but not in Leap 15.2.

You may patch Arc or use another DE.