AR5006EG not finding enough connections

Dear SUSE users,

I posted a way less informative post yesterday, without doing too much research.

I now managed to install MadWifi through Yast and am able to activate my WLAN Atheros AR5006EG AR2424 device.

For some reason it only finds one or two WLAN connections with a very weak signal and not even the one in my house.

Is there anything I don’t know or am doing wrong that it only finds this few connections?

I can’t find any information on a topic where people describe this problem.

I know this card to be functioning correctly and finding the right APs when under WinXP.

Thanks in advance,

Excuse me for not editing my post, but I don’t think there’s an Edit button to begin with.

I managed to share my Win 7 LAN connection with ICS to the laptop so I can currently get on the internet with it, it’s not exactly ideal, though :wink:

Installing WINE as we’re speaking to try and see if a game I like playing works.

If anyone can help me out with the WLAN problem I’d be very appreciative.