apt-get autoclean equal???

I used to use ubuntu and Linux Mint and I used the command apt-get autoclean (or autoremove) for cleaning the system and orphan packages.
Is there a equal to apt-get autoclean/autoremove in opensuse???

Closest thing that zypper has to that functionality is

zypper clean -a

According to the man page, this cleans the repository metadata and all leftover downloaded packages (you can clean each separately with different options).

ATM, zypper isn’t as capable of finding and cleaning leftover orphaned packages. I know this is a feature request in openFATE for 11.2. It does remove orphaned packages to a limited extent, but it isn’t as comprehensive as say deborphan or debfoster.

Note: My personal knowledge of how zypper works is limited, so if this is incorrect, please someone correct me. I learned this information by doing a few google searches, so it could, of course, be outdated.