April Screenshot Thread

[QUOTE=JoergJaeger;2320018]Here is mine.

I Love Pink :wink:

I love that background!http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5062/5599031545_97fe8d864d.jpghttp://farm6.static.flickr.com/5062/5599031545_97fe8d864d.jpghttp://farm6.static.flickr.com/5069/5599626468_63d2c6bc27.jpg

It’s Slickness Black from Gnomelook. :slight_smile:

You can download the wallpaper from here

Firefox Nebula KDE-Look.org

Thanks for the info!

KDE 4.6 susefied for 11.4


Very cool theme.

Very nice indeed. Although green is not my favorite color this could be default coloring for OpenSuse. My opinion.

Since I’m a volunteer firefighter… it fits me…

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A tribute to all volunteer firefighters around the world… As we say in Portugal: “Vida por Vida” (free translation: One life for another)

DISCLAIMER: About the previous screenshot, the download isn’t really real… it’s just something that can simulated. Transmission is loaded to test a new version with AppIndicator enabled. The notification can be achived with the following command:

notify-send -i transmission "Download Complete" "Cobra[1986]DVDrip-VG.avi"


Very nice!!!

Which theme/plugin/etc are you using to get the application menu in the top panel?

I’m using AppMenu Indicator from a project I’m working on…

openSUSE:GNOME Ayatana - openSUSE

To be released soon :wink:


Here is my desktop


With Alfa Romeo always.:wink:

Here is my desktop

Always with Alfa Romeo.:wink:

nice and simple :slight_smile:

Thank you Emil. Which yours?

Hi ketheriel,

How do I enable/install those ? Is there a repo for that ?

OK, I found it in OBS.