Apps requiring Mono - good or bad?

I was thinking about installing Keepass but the Linux version requires Mono. Is this a bad thing as it’s .NET which I believe is a MS invention :\

Am I likely to experience problems with apps requiring Mono?

Mono is the linux implementation of .NET technology. Whether or not you will run into trouble depends on the programs you’re using. Hard to say.

Mono is open source. Some people claim it is vulnerable to potential patent lawsuits from Microsoft. As vague as software patents are though, and given some of the claims MS and others have made, just about everything developed after 1970 is ripe for a potential patent suit. Keep in mind, MS has been involved in many open standards, and has made patent claims in C, C++, HTML, and XML, among others. Would you drop GTK+ (Gnome), QT (KDE) and the Web to avoid potential infringements?