Applications needed.

Hi all,

Firstly im very new to linux but learning very quickly on how it works etc. I’ve moved over from Windows and as you can imagine im still learning applications etc.

I am after 2 different applications / programs. I download quite a few “legal” torrents etc. In windows I use uTorrent but not sure if that is available as an application to install quickly and easily.

The seconds program i’m after is an alternative to emule. I think I read about one called “amule” but not too sure.

If someone could help and provide details on how to install that would be great.


ktorrent and amule I think will be good. If you are using KDE:

start-menu–> computer–>install-remove software
For amule you have to enable packman software repository se under configuration–repositories

klick “Add” then “community repositories”, look for “packman” mark it and klick ok.

Then you can search for

mark it

search amule



amule isn’t really the same as uTorrent

In Linux you can use Transmission or (in kde) ktorrent

But amule is available in Packman repo
If you have already followed the multimedia guide, you will already have the Packman repo
Multimedia in One Click

A one click for amule:

If you use gnome, then you can install deluge. ktorrent for kde.

there is a linux version of uTorrent:
uTorrent for Linux