Applications missing from KDE menu and file associations is not working

Only “Favourites”, “Run Command” and “Leave” is shown on the classic KDE menu, same thing when switching to Launcher Menu Style. Missing Applications and everything else. File associations is not working. Double clicking any type of file it asks to install the program and the known applications menu is empty.

I tried to add a new user, same problem with that. I also noticed that when running Chrome it asks to be the default web browser each time even when I say yes.

I have not been messing with anything, I suspect it happened during a update, but I got the exact same repositories on 2 other x64 machines where there is no problem.

I’m using KDE 4.6.0 from the factory repository.

I tried to reinstall some KDE4 packages without any luck.

I do not want to reinstall the entire system or downgrade KDE.

#  | Alias                        | Name                                         | Enabled | Refresh
1  | buildservice-education       | openSUSE BuildService - Education            | Yes     | Yes    
2  | buildservice-filesystems     | openSUSE BuildService - filesystems          | Yes     | Yes    
3  | buildservice-games           | openSUSE BuildService - Games                | Yes     | Yes    
4  | buildservice-java            | openSUSE BuildService - Java:packages        | Yes     | Yes    
5  | buildservice-kde-extra       | openSUSE BuildService - KDE:Extra            | Yes     | Yes    
6  | buildservice-kde-updatedapps | openSUSE BuildService - KDE:UpdatedApps      | Yes     | Yes    
7  | buildservice-mozilla         | openSUSE BuildService - Mozilla              | Yes     | Yes    
8  | buildservice-openoffice      | openSUSE BuildService -       | Yes     | Yes    
9  | buildservice-perl            | openSUSE BuildService - devel:languages:perl | Yes     | Yes    
10 | buildservice-webcam          | openSUSE BuildService - Drivers for webcams  | Yes     | Yes    
11 | buildservice-wine            | openSUSE BuildService - Wine CVS Builds      | Yes     | Yes    
12 | google-chrome                | google-chrome                                | Yes     | Yes    
13 | google-earth                 | google-earth                                 | Yes     | Yes    
14 | kde-factory                  | kde-factory                                  | Yes     | Yes    
15 | kde3                         | KDE3                                         | Yes     | Yes    
16 | nvidia                       | NVIDIA Repository                            | No      | No     
17 | packman                      | Packman Repository                           | Yes     | Yes    
18 | repo-cd                      | openSUSE-11.3 11.3-1.82                      | No      | No     
19 | repo-contrib                 | Main Repository (Contrib)                    | Yes     | Yes    
20 | repo-debug                   | openSUSE-11.3-Debug                          | No      | Yes    
21 | repo-non-oss                 | openSUSE-11.3-Non-Oss                        | Yes     | Yes    
22 | repo-oss                     | openSUSE-11.3-Oss                            | Yes     | Yes    
23 | repo-source                  | openSUSE-11.3-Source                         | No      | Yes    
24 | repo-update                  | Updates for openSUSE 11.3 11.3-1.82          | Yes     | Yes    

onas@linuxtv:~> ls /usr/share/applications
acroread.desktop        easytag.desktop                         impress.desktop             mplayer.desktop                  QVideoConverter.desktop   wine.desktop              xmag.desktop
assistant4.desktop      eduke32.desktop                         javaws.desktop              notification-properties.desktop  rott-registered.desktop   wine-notepad.desktop      xpenguins.desktop
base.desktop            flashplayer.desktop                     kde4                        nvdock.desktop                   scummvm.desktop           wine-regedit.desktop      xpenguins-stop.desktop
bonobo-browser.desktop  ggl-designer.desktop                    Kino.desktop                nvidia-settings.desktop          scummvm-tools.desktop     wine-uninstaller.desktop  Xrefresh.desktop
calc.desktop            ggl-gtk.desktop                         kupdateapplet.desktop       ooo-extension-manager.desktop    smolt.desktop             wine-winecfg.desktop      xsane.desktop
clementine.desktop      ggl-qt.desktop                          kvirc.desktop               OpenMovieEditor.desktop          spotify.desktop           wine-winefile.desktop     xterm.desktop
compiz.desktop          gimp.desktop                            lemmings++.desktop          opera-browser.desktop            startcenter.desktop       wine-winehelp.desktop     YaST2
cups.desktop            gkbd-indicator-plugins-capplet.desktop  linguist4.desktop           opera-widget-installer.desktop   supertux.desktop          wine-winemine.desktop     yast2-metapackage-handler.desktop
ddd.desktop             glabels.desktop                         linux32.desktop             opera-widget-manager.desktop     template.desktop          wireshark.desktop         yast2-metapackage-handler-ymu.desktop
defaults.list           google-chrome.desktop                   math.desktop                package-manager.desktop          timidity.desktop          writer.desktop            YaST.desktop
designer4.desktop       google-earth.desktop                    mc.desktop                  pingus.desktop                   vlc.desktop               xcalc.desktop
dnetstats.desktop       grip.desktop                            mimeinfo.cache              policytool.desktop               warmux.desktop            xclipboard.desktop
dosbox.desktop          hplip.desktop                           MozillaFirefox.desktop      PTBatcherGUI.desktop             web.desktop               Xkill.desktop
draw.desktop            hugin.desktop                           MozillaThunderbird.desktop  qt4config.desktop                wine-browsedrive.desktop  xload.desktop

jonas@linuxtv:~> ls /usr/share/applications/kde4/
akonadiconsole.desktop        k3b.desktop             kfmclient_html.desktop     kmail_view.desktop       konsolesu.desktop          krita.desktop           KThesaurus.desktop                   okularApplication_ghostview.desktop
akregator.desktop             kaddressbook.desktop    kfmclient_sysinfo.desktop  kmenuedit.desktop        kontact-admin.desktop      krita_gif.desktop       ktorrent.desktop                     okularApplication_kimgio.desktop
ark.desktop                   kaffeine.desktop        kfmclient_war.desktop      kmess.desktop            Kontact.desktop            krita_jpeg.desktop      kvkbd.desktop                        okularApplication_mobi.desktop
bluedevil-audio.desktop       karbon.desktop          kfontview.desktop          kmines.desktop           konversation.desktop       krita_ora.desktop       kwalletmanager.desktop               okularApplication_odp.desktop
bluedevil-input.desktop       kcalc.desktop           kformula.desktop           kmix.desktop             kopete.desktop             krita_pdf.desktop       kwalletmanager-kwalletd.desktop      okularApplication_ooo.desktop
bluedevil-monolithic.desktop  KCharSelect.desktop     kget.desktop               kmousetool.desktop       korganizer.desktop         krita_png.desktop       kword.desktop                        okularApplication_pdf.desktop
bluedevil-sendfile.desktop    kcolorchooser.desktop   kgpg.desktop               knetattach.desktop       korganizer-import.desktop  krita_ppm.desktop       kwrite.desktop                       okularApplication_plucker.desktop
bluedevil-wizard.desktop      kdenlive.desktop        kinfocenter.desktop        knetworkmanager.desktop  kpat.desktop               krita_raw.desktop       marble.desktop                       okularApplication_tiff.desktop
choqok.desktop                kdepasswd.desktop       kiosktool.desktop          knotes.desktop           kplato.desktop             krita_tiff.desktop      nepomukbackup.desktop                okularApplication_xps.desktop
digikam.desktop               kdesvn.desktop          kipiplugins.desktop        koffice.desktop          kplatowork.desktop         krita_xcf.desktop       okteta.desktop                       okular.desktop
dolphin.desktop               kdevelop.desktop        kleopatra.desktop          kolourpaint.desktop      kpresenter.desktop         kruler.desktop          okularApplication_chm.desktop        partitionmanager.desktop
dolphinsu.desktop             kdf.desktop             kleopatra_import.desktop   kompare.desktop          krandrtray.desktop         kscd.desktop            okularApplication_comicbook.desktop  scangui.desktop
expoblending.desktop          keditbookmarks.desktop  klipper.desktop            konqbrowser.desktop      krdc.desktop               ksnapshot.desktop       okularApplication_djvu.desktop       showfoto.desktop
groupwarewizard.desktop       kexi.desktop            kmag.desktop               konqfilemgr_rpm.desktop  krename.desktop            kspread.desktop         okularApplication_dvi.desktop        simple-ccsm-kde.desktop
gwenview.desktop              kfind.desktop           kmahjongg.desktop          konquerorsu.desktop      kreversi.desktop           ksudoku.desktop         okularApplication_epub.desktop       skanlite.desktop
Help.desktop                  kfmclient.desktop       KMail.desktop              konsole.desktop          krfb.desktop               ksysguard.desktop       okularApplication_fax.desktop        sweeper.desktop
Home.desktop                  kfmclient_dir.desktop   kmailservice.desktop       konsolekalendar.desktop  krita_bmp.desktop          ktelnetservice.desktop  okularApplication_fb.desktop         systemsettings.desktop

Hello jonaski,

This is a very strange problem.
Is this a new install, if so did you check the MD5sum before installing?

If it’s true that a new user has the same problem than I’m afraid the problem lies in your installation.

Are you sure you need all these repositories?
I recommend to only have the four basic repositories: Oss, Non-Oss, update and Packman.
Having many repositories could cause problems like you have now.

Best of luck!:wink:

his is not a new installation at all. If it were I wouldn’t bother to post it here, I would just reinstall the system.

The configuration has worked fine ever since I installed 11.3, and that was shortly after it was released.

My guess is that it is either a configuration error or kde version conflict somewhere.

I’ve been using these repositories for many opensuse versions with the exception of the google ones and kde-factory.

I use kde-factory because I want KDE version 4.6 instead of the stock opensuse 11.3 which is 4.4. This was mainly because of some bugs in digikam which I use quite frequently, but I also discovered lots of other improvements, so going back to 4.4 is not an option.

The repositories from buildservice rarely cause conflicts and they mainly contain additional packages or some updated versions of certain programs and inherit packages from the default repos.

I’m not sure what repositories you are referring to? Are you referring to all of them? What is your definition of having many? Why should having many repositories cause a problem in KDE? Most of these do not contain components for kde.

I’ll explain why I need these.


Additional games such as eduke32, scummvm, pingus.


Updated versions of java.


Just kmess


Updated versions of thunderbird and firefox.


Only updated version of openoffice


Additional perl packages.


Kernel modules for webcams. Only libv4l installed.


Only wine installed.


Only 1 packages installed, chrome


Only 1 package installed, google earth


I need some kde3 packages and Amarok 1.4


Only some fonts installed.

The buildservice-kde-updatedapps are obviously updates for KDE packages but it is not really in use at all since it is replaced by kde-factory. Only 5 packages are installed from this, same packages are installed on 2 other systems that work fine. Some this repository should have nothing to do with the KDE menu not working.

There is no specific reason I have buildservice-education and buildservice-filesystems.

Since you question my repositories I’ll list what’s installed from different repositories than oss, non-oss, update and packman. There are not many KDE packages in these except of course those in kde3.

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-education | grep 'i |'
i | clucene-core                                           | CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene                                                                           | package   
i | clucene-core-devel                                     | CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene                                                                           | package   
i | fftw3                                                  | Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C Subroutine Library                                                     | package   
i | libSDL_ttf-2_0-0                                       | Simple DirectMedia Layer - Truetype Library                                                               | package   
i | libblas3                                               | BLAS Shared Library                                                                                       | package   
i | libcaca0                                               | Text mode graphics library                                                                                | package   
i | libenca0                                               | Header files and libraries for Enca development                                                           | package   
i | liblapack3                                             | LAPACK Shared Library                                                                                     | package   
i | python-numpy                                           | NumPy: array processing for numbers, strings, records and objects                                         | package   
i | timidity                                               | Software Synthesizer and MIDI Player                                                                      | package   
i | wine-32bit                                             | the 32bit runtime part of Wine                                                                            | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-filesystems | grep 'i |'
i | autofs                           | A Kernel-Based Automounter                                                     | package   
i | curl                             | A Tool for Transferring Data from URLs                                         | package   
i | e2fsprogs                        | Utilities for the Second Extended File System                                  | package   
i | e2fsprogs-devel                  | Dummy development package                                                      | package   
i | gpart                            | Tool That Can Guess a Lost Partition Table                                     | package   
i | libcom_err-devel                 | Development files for libcom_err                                               | package   
i | libcom_err2                      | E2fsprogs error reporting library                                              | package   
i | libcom_err2-32bit                | E2fsprogs error reporting library                                              | package   
i | libcurl-devel                    | A Tool for Transferring Data from URLs                                         | package   
i | libcurl4                         | cURL shared library version 4                                                  | package   
i | libcurl4-32bit                   | cURL shared library version 4                                                  | package   
i | libext2fs-devel                  | Development files for libext2fs                                                | package   
i | libext2fs2                       | Ext2fs libray                                                                  | package   
i | libgphoto2                       | A Digital Camera Library                                                       | package   
i | libgphoto2-32bit                 | A Digital Camera Library                                                       | package   
i | libgphoto2-devel                 | Development headers for libgphoto2                                             | package   
i | libopenobex1                     | Open Source Implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) Protocol              | package   
i | libssh2-1                        | A library implementing the SSH2 protocol                                       | package   
i | libssh2-1-32bit                  | A library implementing the SSH2 protocol                                       | package   
i | licenses                         | License collection as found in the packages of SuSE Linux                      | package   
i | ntfsprogs                        | NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities                                        | package   
i | parted                           | GNU partitioner                                                                | package   
i | parted-32bit                     | GNU partitioner                                                                | package   
i | xfsprogs                         | Utilities for managing the XFS file system                                     | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-games | grep 'i |'
i | boost-devel                          | Development package for Boost C++                                                    | package   
i | boost-devel-32bit                    | Development package for Boost C++                                                    | package   
i | boost-jam                            | An Enhanced Make Replacement                                                         | package   
i | boost-license1_44_0                  | Boost License                                                                        | package   
i | eduke32                              | Source port of Duke Nukem 3D                                                         | package   
i | eduke32-console                      | Eduke32 Console game                                                                 | package   
i | libGLEW1_5                           | OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library                                                    | package   
i | libSDL-1_2-0                         | Simple DirectMedia Layer Library                                                     | package   
i | libSDL-1_2-0-32bit                   | Simple DirectMedia Layer Library                                                     | package   
i | libSDL-devel                         | SDL Library Developer Files                                                          | package   
i | libSDL-devel-32bit                   | SDL Library Developer Files                                                          | package   
i | libSDL_image-1_2-0                   | Simple DirectMedia Layer--Sample Image Loading Library                               | package   
i | libSDL_mixer-1_2-0                   | Sample Mixer Library for SDL                                                         | package   
i | libSDL_net-1_2-0                     | Simple DirectMedia Layer - Networking Library                                        | package   
i | libSDL_sound-1_0-1                   | Sound Sample Library for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)                              | package   
i | libboost_date_time1_44_0             | Boost::Date.Time Runtime libraries                                                   | package   
i | libboost_filesystem1_44_0            | Boost::Filesystem Runtime Libraries                                                  | package   
i | libboost_graph1_44_0                 | Boost::Graph Runtime Libraries                                                       | package   
i | libboost_iostreams1_44_0             | Boost::IOStreams Runtime Libraries                                                   | package   
i | libboost_math1_44_0                  | Boost::Math Runtime Libraries                                                        | package   
i | libboost_mpi1_44_0                   | Boost::MPI Runtime libraries                                                         | package   
i | libboost_program_options1_44_0       | Boost::ProgramOptions Runtime libraries                                              | package   
i | libboost_python1_44_0                | Boost::Python Runtime Libraries                                                      | package   
i | libboost_random1_44_0                | The Boost::Random runtime library                                                    | package   
i | libboost_regex1_44_0                 | The Boost::Regex runtime library                                                     | package   
i | libboost_serialization1_44_0         | Boost::Serialization Runtime Libraries                                               | package   
i | libboost_signals1_44_0               | Boost::Signals Runtime Libraries                                                     | package   
i | libboost_system1_44_0                | Boost::System Runtime Libraries                                                      | package   
i | libboost_test1_44_0                  | Boost::Test Runtime Libraries                                                        | package   
i | libboost_thread1_44_0                | Boost::Thread Runtime Libraries                                                      | package   
i | libboost_wave1_44_0                  | Boost::Wave Runtime Libraries                                                        | package   
i | libcwiid1                            | Library to access Wiimotes                                                           | package   
i | libfltk1                             | FLTK Library                                                                         | package   
i | libftgl2                             | Library for Using Arbitrary Fonts in OpenGL Applications                             | package   
i | libmikmod                            | MikMod Sound Library                                                                 | package   
i | libmodman0                           | Libproxy's Module Management Library                                                 | package   
i | libopenal1-soft                      | OpenAL Soft                                                                          | package   
i | libopenal1-soft-32bit                | OpenAL Soft                                                                          | package   
i | libproxy1                            | Libproxy provides consistent proxy configuration to applications                     | package   
i | libtheora0                           | Free Video Codec                                                                     | package   
i | libtheora0-32bit                     | Free Video Codec                                                                     | package   
i | openal-soft                          | OpenAL Soft                                                                          | package   
i | pacman                               | A Pacman Game                                                                        | package   
i | pingus                               | A Lemmings Clone                                                                     | package   
i | scummvm                              | Interpreter for several adventure games                                              | package   
i | scummvm-tools                        | ScummVM-related tools                                                                | package   
i | supertux                             | Jump'n run game                                                                      | package   
i | warmux                               | Free Worms(R) like Game                                                              | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-java | grep 'i |'
i | bea-stax-api                                      | The StAX API                                                                | package   
i | java-1_6_0-openjdk                                | Java runtime environment based on OpenJDK 6 and IcedTea 6                   | package   
i | java-1_6_0-openjdk-plugin                         | Java web browser plugin based on OpenJDK 6 and IcedTea 6                    | package   
i | jline                                             | Java library for reading and editing user input in console applications     | package   
i | jpackage-utils                                    | JPackage Utilities                                                          | package   
i | rhino                                             | JavaScript for Java                                                         | package   
i | update-alternatives                               | Maintain symbolic links determining default commands                        | package   
i | xalan-j2                                          | Java XSLT processor                                                         | package   
i | xerces-j2                                         | Java XML parser                                                             | package   
i | xerces-j2-xml-apis                                | APIs subproject of xml-commons                                              | package   
i | xmlbeans                                          | XML-Java binding tool                                                       | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-kde-extra | grep 'i |'
i | dnetstats                              | Graphical Network Monitor                                                       | package   
i | kmess                                  | MSN Messenger Client for KDE                                                    | package   
i | kmess-lang                             | Languages for package kmess                                                     | package   
i | kupdateapplet                          | openSUSE System Updater Applet (KDE4)                                           | package   
i | kupdateapplet-packagekit               | packagekit plugin for KDE updater applet                                        | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-kde-updatedapps | grep 'i |'
i | libkdcraw8                          | Shared library interface around dcraw                                           | package   
i | libkexiv2-8                         | Library to manipulate picture meta data                                         | package   
i | libkipi7                            | KDE Image Plug-In Interface                                                     | package   
i | libktorrent2                        | KDE BitTorrent Client Build Environment                                         | package   
i | libktorrent2-lang                   | Languages for package libktorrent                                               | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-mozilla | grep 'i |'
i | MozillaFirefox                                 | Mozilla Firefox Web Browser                                             | package   
i | MozillaFirefox-theme-oxygen                    | Oxygen for Mozilla Firefox                                              | package   
i | MozillaFirefox-translations-common             | Common translations for MozillaFirefox                                  | package   
i | MozillaThunderbird                             | The Stand-Alone Mozilla Mail Component                                  | package   
i | MozillaThunderbird-translations-common         | Common translations for MozillaThunderbird                              | package   
i | enigmail                                       | OpenPGP addon for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey                             | package   
i | libfreebl3                                     | Freebl library for the Network Security Services                        | package   
i | libfreebl3-32bit                               | Freebl library for the Network Security Services                        | package   
i | libnsssharedhelper0                            | Helper functions for sharing NSS database                               | package   
i | libsoftokn3                                    | Network Security Services Soktoken Module                               | package   
i | libsoftokn3-32bit                              | Network Security Services Soktoken Module                               | package   
i | mozilla-js192                                  | Mozilla JS 1.8 engine                                                   | package   
i | mozilla-kde4-integration                       | Mozilla KDE Integration                                                 | package   
i | mozilla-nspr                                   | Netscape Portable Runtime                                               | package   
i | mozilla-nspr-32bit                             | Netscape Portable Runtime                                               | package   
i | mozilla-nspr-devel                             | Netscape Portable Runtime development files                             | package   
i | mozilla-nss                                    | Network Security Services                                               | package   
i | mozilla-nss-32bit                              | Network Security Services                                               | package   
i | mozilla-nss-certs                              | CA certificates for NSS                                                 | package   
i | mozilla-nss-certs-32bit                        | CA certificates for NSS                                                 | package   
i | mozilla-nss-devel                              | Network (Netscape) Security Services development files                  | package   
i | mozilla-xulrunner191                           | Mozilla Runtime Environment 1.9.1                                       | package   
i | mozilla-xulrunner191-devel                     | XULRunner/Gecko SDK 1.9.1                                               | package   
i | mozilla-xulrunner191-gnomevfs                  | XULRunner components depending on gnome-vfs                             | package   
i | mozilla-xulrunner191-translations-common       | Common translations for XULRunner 1.9.1                                 | package   
i | mozilla-xulrunner192                           | Mozilla Runtime Environment 1.9.2                                       | package   
i | mozilla-xulrunner192-gnome                     | XULRunner components depending on gnome-vfs                             | package   
i | mozilla-xulrunner192-translations-common       | Common translations for XULRunner 1.9.2                                 | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-openoffice | grep 'i |'
i | OpenOffice_org                                | A Free Office Suite (Framework)                                       | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-LanguageTool                   | Language Checker for                                   | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-LanguageTool-en                | English Dictionary for Language Tool                   | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-base                           | Base                                                   | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-base-drivers-mysql             | MySQL Database Driver for                              | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-base-extensions                | Base Extensions                                        | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-calc                           | Calc                                                   | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-calc-extensions                | Calc Extensions                                        | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-components                     | Components                                             | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-converter                      | Commandline Document Converter Using                   | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-draw                           | Draw                                                   | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-draw-extensions                | Draw Extensions                                        | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-filters                        | Import and Export Filters for                          | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-filters-optional               | Additional Import and Export Filters for               | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-help-en-GB                     | British Help Localization for                          | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-help-en-US                     | American Help Localization for                         | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-hyphen                         | Hyphen Dictionaries for                                | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-icon-theme-andromeda           | Andromeda Icon Theme (Classic, OOo-2.x default)        | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-icon-theme-crystal             | Crystal Icon Theme (KDE3 default)                      | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-icon-theme-galaxy              | Galaxy Icon Theme (OOo-3.x default)                    | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-icon-theme-hicontrast          | Hicontrast Icon Theme                                  | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-icon-theme-oxygen              | Oxygen Icon Theme (KDE4 default)                       | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-impress                        | Impress                                                | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-impress-extensions             | Impress Extensions                                     | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-kde4                           | KDE4 Extensions for                                    | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-l10n-en-GB                     | British Localization Files for                         | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-l10n-extras                    | Extras                                                 | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-libs-core                      | Core Libraries                                         | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-libs-extern                    | External Libraries                                     | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-libs-gui                       | GUI Libraries                                          | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-mailmerge                      | Mail Merge Functionality for                           | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-math                           | Math                                                   | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-pyuno                          | Python UNO Bridge for                                  | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-templates-en                   | English Templates for                                  | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-templates-labels-a4            | A4 Size Label Templates for                            | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-templates-labels-letter        | Letter Size Label Templates for                        | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-templates-presentation-layouts | Presentation Layout Templates for                      | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-thesaurus-en-GB                | British Thesaurus Dictionary for                       | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-thesaurus-en-US                | American Thesaurus Dictionary for                      | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-ure                            | UNO Runtime Environment                                | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-writer                         | Writer and Web                                         | package   
i | OpenOffice_org-writer-extensions              | Writer Extensions                                      | package   
i | myspell-american                              | American Dictionary for MySpell                                       | package   
i | myspell-british                               | British Dictionary for MySpell                                        | package   
jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-webcam | grep 'i |'
i | libv4l                        | collection of video4linux support libraries       | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r buildservice-wine | grep 'i |'
i | wine                            | An MS Windows emulator                                                | package   
i | wine-32bit                      | the 32bit runtime part of Wine                                        | package   
i | wine-gecko                      | The Wine specific Gecko HTML rendering engine                         | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r google-chrome | grep 'i |'
i | google-chrome-stable   | Google Chrome | package

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r google-earth | grep 'i |'
i | google-earth-stable | Google Earth | package

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r kde3 | grep 'i |'
i | arts                                      | Modular Software Synthesizer                                                                | package   
i | arts-devel                                | Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.                                      | package   
i | kde3-amarok                               | Media Player for KDE                                                                        | package   
i | kde3-amarok-lang                          | Languages for package kde3-amarok                                                           | package   
i | kde3-amarok-xine                          | Xine Output Plugin for Amarok                                                               | package   
i | kde3-kid3                                 | Efficient ID3 Tag Editor                                                                    | package   
i | kdebase3-runtime                          | Runtime Dependencies of KDE3 Applications                                                   | package   
i | kdelibs3-arts                             | KDE aRts support                                                                            | package   
i | kdelibs3-devel                            | KDE Base Package: Build Environment                                                         | package   
i | kdelibs3-doc                              | Documentation for KDE Base Libraries                                                        | package   
i | kdemultimedia3-CD                         | KDE Audio CD Tools                                                                          | package   
i | kdemultimedia3-arts                       | KDEMM aRts support                                                                          | package   
i | kdenetwork3-InstantMessenger              | Chat applications for KDE                                                                   | package   
i | libgpod-lang                              | libgpod translations                                                                        | package   
i | libgpod3                                  | Library to Manipulate Songs and Playlists Stored on an iPod                                 | package   
i | libvisual-plugins                         | Sound Visualization Library Plug-Ins                                                        | package   
i | qca                                       | Qt Cryptographic Architecture                                                               | package   
i | qt3                                       | A library for developing applications with graphical user interfaces                        | package   
i | qt3-devel                                 | Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development                                       | package   
i | unsermake                                 | Replacement for make and automake                                                           | package   

jonas@linuxtv:~> zypper search -r repo-contrib | grep 'i |'
i | ec-fonts-mftraced                             | Type1 PostScript Fonts for TeX with European Accents                         | package   
i | python-ReportLab                              | Open Source PDF library for Python                                           | package   

This is installed from kde-factory:

this may be redundant if you have tried this already, but in a konsole terminal, as user, issue

kbuildsycoca4 -noincremental

this should scan for all applications and produce menu entries, if there are fatal errors in running this process i would take the output to the IRC channel #kde on freenode for advice.

in addition, the extra repos you have bring up the possiblity of breaking things, i.e. one build service repo that has some app you WANT, also has a custom version of something you have installed but is not necessary for the install of the app you seek. Therefore if a “update all” in yast2 installs anything that seems newer. Pardon me if i’m pointing out the obvious, just trying to be clear.

good luck :slight_smile:


I have solved it. I did a a diff of “rpm -qa | sort” and checked what packages were different from a working machine, there were a few differences, I uninstalled a few packages including spotify which is not from a repo, and the menu is back. I think it was a broken menu item in /usr/share/applications, I suspect this had nothing to do with package conflicts.

Hi All,

My first, and maybe last post. I have tried several time to enter the linux world but my experience has been unlucky. I love, share and support linux work but I just don’t manage to have it working. I always work with laptop and that may be part of the problem. In any case last week I tried again to move to linux, with opensuse 12.1 distribution, kde, on a HP dv5 1080el.

Instrallation was not smooth. At the end of the installation the pc would stuck and the lcd showed 6 horizontal bands, sort of small splashscreen, I suppose. I restarted and it seemed to be ok. Then software installation was not at all smooth, but I insisted and I thought everything was ok and most of the softwares I needed were on my pc.

I have to admit that most hardware of the laptop was recognised, many kudos to the developers. However after a while all application would disappear as well as file associations. Tried to sort this out with no success, so I reformatted, reinstalled suse and after a while I got the same problem: no applications in the menus, and files don’t open.

If I don’t manage to have this sorted out I am really really sorry to suspend again my willingness to be part of the linux community, but what I’ve mentioned is just the last of many many issues I’ve had, some of which I could fix, some not.

Hope you can help me for this specific issue and not loosing the hope for a linux world!



On 12/14/2011 06:06 PM, davirix wrote:
> after a while all application would
> disappear as well as file associations. Tried to sort this out with no
> success, so I reformatted, reinstalled suse and after a while I got the
> same problem: no applications in the menus, and files don’t open.

-=WELCOME=- new poster…

i’m sorry this is so difficult for you but happy you have the courage
and patience to keep trying!!

so, this is a really really strange set of symptoms…so, lets start at
the beginning:

  1. What operating system and version?

openSUSE 12.1

  1. Is openSUSE running directly on the machine, or is it in a virtual
    machine? Which VM and version? What is the host operating system, and

  2. Desktop environment and version?

KDE, version ???

  1. The problem/symptom you describe, did it begin immediately after
    initial install, or did it come suddenly some time later?

some time later…

a. but, about how much later? five minutes or five hours?

b. and what did you do during those five hours? please do not
immediately start changing stuff…just launch firefox and go browse a
while…if you wanna play some music or watch some videos then first
user your browser to go here and read how to set your machine up to do

c. was it after the machine was booted the first time after install?

  1. If the problem began soon after initial install: what customizations,
    additions, deletions or changes did you make prior to the troubles starting?

  2. Is this a fresh format and install system? Or, did you upgrade
    (keeping any partitions from a former install of Linux? Which
    distro/version was the former version and what partitions did you
    retain? For example, did you keep your previous /home intact, or only
    transfer personal data (music, mails, documents, etc)?)

  3. Is this a multi-boot machine? If so, what other operating systems are
    loaded? Do any partitions have read/write access by more than one
    operating system?

  4. Since it worked ok for a while and then not, answer these please:

a. Did this problem begin after a particular update or install?

b. Can you pinpoint which update or install is the most likely cause
for the new problem? NOTE: you can check your update/install history
with this code, in a terminal: rpm -qa --last | less

c. Did you, as root, edit any configuration files just before this
problem began? If yes, which?

d. Did you, as root, change any file or directory permissions with
chown or chmod? Which?

c. Have you recently (or ever after this install) added software from
a repo with tumbleweed, factory, playground, evergreen or unstable in
its name/path?

d. Do you routinely have enabled and updating any repos other than
these? [If you do, please reread and comply with the paragraph in this
FAQ which begins with “IMPORTANT:”.]


NOTE: You can check exactly which repos you have enabled and updating
via YaST > Software Repositories or in a terminal with this code: zypper
lr -d

e. Do you routinely (or ever) log into KDE, GNOME, LXDE (or any other
Linux GUI desktop environment) as “root”, “superuser”, “su”, or “System
Administrator”. If so, please report that back to the thread (it makes a
big difference on how to proceed with repair).

  1. If you use YaST to add a new test user, and then log in as that new
    user do you see the same symptom?

Tell us about your hardware, please.

  1. Netbook, laptop, desktop, tower, rack mount server (remote/local),
    hosted server, supercomputer?

  2. Computer brand and model number? HP dv5 1080el

  3. CPU maker, model number, speed? Intel Core 2 Duo T9400

  4. Amount of RAM and size of swap partition? ???

  5. Number of hard drives?

a. Any with troublesome partitions connected by USB?

b. Any accessed over a LAN/WAN or via internet tunnel, etc?

c. Any have non-Linux file systems (like hpfs, ntfs, vfat, etc)? Which?

d. Any use non-ext_ file systems (like reiserfs, smbfs, etc? Which?

e. Any use RAID or LVM?

f. Any partitions encrypted?

  1. Video/Graphics system maker, model, how much video RAM on board, and
    the driver in use.

  2. if on boot, at the first green screen you press F5 and then select
    systemv, do your bad symptoms continue?

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