Applications installed but not visible

I’m a new user of OpenSuse. I was enjoying my beginnings with that system, up to the moment, when I met an error, which I don’t know how to pass. Seems… very silly
I’m installing software via yast or zypper.
Some of the applications are easily accessible, they are appearing in the applications list, while another one (sublime text, p7zip) are not visible or accessible.
Browsing for them shows no results, they are not appearing in the applications menu. But zypper keeps telling me, that they are installed.
What can be wrong? How to use this applications?
Thank you for your help

Hi, welcome !!

How did you install sublime text ?
p7zip is a package for command line use when used on its own, but ( on Plasma desktop ) used by Ark for example.

OK, found a one-click-install on . Did you notice the “unstable” at the repos ?
Another question: which desktop environment are you using ?
Can you open a terminal window and then do


BTW, from looking into the package on the buildservice I see that .desktop entries are made in /usr/share/applications . Did you logout/login after the install ?

And p7zip does not come with a .desktop file, i.e. application menu entry.
But that’s to be expected, as it is a command line application, i.e. you have to run it in a command line shell.

p7zip is a quick port of 7z.exe and 7za.exe (command line version of
7zip, see for Unix.

Edit: sorry, didn’t notice that Knurpht already wrote that anyway…

Hey guys!
I made sudo zypper dist-upgrade, and system crashed. After browsing for the error, I found out, that it was an issue with partitioning.
After system reinstall, all seems to work now… :slight_smile: (there were some more small issues)
Apart of the 7zip of course.
I saw my mistake and installed peazip.
Thank you for your fast response!