Applications freeze when selecting 'print'

I was updated to Plasma 6 this morning. I didn’t realise this would be a major update, so this happened while I was logged into Plasma, and so I don’t know whether something went wrong or whether this is due to the update itself.

When I select ‘print’ in Okular or kate, the applications freezes. Vivaldi doesn’t freeze, but the printing tab is stuck loading the preview. Printing a test page from the Yast Printer menu gives me no problem.

What would be the best way to troubleshoot this?

Did you at least logout/login after the upgrade to make it active.

And please look at the many threads here about that upgrade and those who performed it while still using KDE at the same time.

Yes, I restarted afterwards. I’ve seen those threads. As far as I can tell so far, everything else seems to be working ok, so I may have been lucky.

And what about trying again a “zypper dup” in a Virtual terminal /CLI just in case you missed something?

I’ve tried that, there’s nothing to update.

For Okular maybe the following helps:
I don’t know if Kate might have a similar problem though.

Okular still freezes after I place that symlink there.

Ok, I’ve fixed it. It turns out that this wasn’t due to the upgrade, but because the address for our network printers changed. And while I changed the client.conf file in /etc/cups/, I forgot that I had also placed a copy in ~/.cups/, with the old address in it. (So the only bug is that this isn’t handled gracefully with an error, but results in the application hanging.)

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Thanks for reporting back. Enjoy openSUSE.

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