Applications forum is too busy

May I suggest trying to find a way to further split Applications in order to reduce the traffic on its main page ?

reason is - if you post anything - within a couple of hours its bumped off to the next page and chances of a reply are pretty low.

I’ve seen a similar request back in November 09 - but nothing came of it AFAIK.

From my point of view EMAIL could be split off (IMHO its not clear if it should be under Applications or Network/Internet forum anyway) although it doesn’t account for much forum traffic.

However the best solution would be for one of you mod’s to do a quick analysis of what’s been/being posted and go from there…

hope you agree :wink:

I’m not too sure how much this would help. I’ll be interested to see what other opinions there are though.

When I work the forum, which I do quite regularly,
I start by view from ‘User Control Panel’ which will list all my subscribed threads. Once I have worked thru that,
I view them by ‘New Posts’
I’ll see posts New to me (that is not viewed by me) from all sections of the forum

I don’t ever really go section specific unless I’m starting a new thread.

If and when I use NNTP, that’s a another kettle of fish.

A very good idea.
But what i see in Applications, there are two sub forums. Specially Multimedia, what i see is most of the users post multimedia related stuff in the Application forum instead of Multimedia.
I am not too sure, if they are going to split this forum, so how they will.

First I do not want to vote down your suggestion, because it has merit. One of the problems I see here is the fact that a lot of people already have problems deciding in what category their problem belongs (see the Multimedia example of mmarif4u).

A solution for your very problem might be a different approach to finding new threads like caf4926 suggests. I do still different. I have the several subforums as RSS feeds in Akregator (keeping the items there for 24 hours). Thus I can at any time see what is new in a particular subforum.

This only to suggest number of ways you could get the information you want from the forums. The choice is yours of course.

al1ster wrote:
> reason is - if you post anything - within a couple of hours its bumped
> off to the next page and chances of a reply are pretty low.

i suppose your frustration comes from your unanswered questions on how
to train spamc (it seems all your other questions were answered, and
quickly) and suggest you think on the following:

-how many folks who actually have experience with spamc visit this
site in any four day period (with two of them a weekend)? *

-how many of those with spamc experience actually know how to answer
your question? [half? but, half of ‘not many’ is very few]

-how many non-answers like “What is spamc?” would you like to read so
you know people ARE seeing your question? *

-knowing the way i look for folks to help, and reading how Carl and
Henk do it, i can say with some confidence that most of the ‘answer
folks’ coming here do not depend on finding problems by looking at the
first page of any forum anyway…so, i reckon while your idea appears
good on the surface, it wouldn’t get you a faster answer…

so, i’d suggest the best way to raise your chances of getting a
correct answer is not to bump it back to the first page, but rather to
ask the question in a place more likely to have a steady stream of
folks who might know the answer…

this, is an openSUSE forum–but, your question has next to nothing
whatsoever to do with openSUSE…sure, spamassassin (and others) run
in openSUSE and at least 305 other distros

since it is impractical to post to all 305 distro forums hoping
someone with your answer happens in on the day you have a question on
the front page–instead, why don’t you try to find a forum full of
spamassassin folks, and post there…

this should get you going (and, i guess it won’t take four days to
find someone with an answer, or three:“spamassassin+forum”

HOWEVER: be careful that you have carefully read the documentation and
have a specific question which is not covered therein…see and be careful how you ask, or you just might get
an answer like “RTFM” because not everyone on those “hacker” forums
are as tolerant of non-readers as we here, in this friendly community…

good luck…and, when you get your answer come back and check the
forums for anti-spam questions you can answer…as you can see, we
need a anti-spam answer man (or lady)!!


Possibly something on the lines of how the German language forum is set up (link at bottom of main forum page). I can certainly see the benefits of splitting the forum up a bit more.