Applications don't save/recognize my hotkey configuration


I install SUSE 11.1 for second time (because of a disaster) and this time I found some trouble with hot keys. Here are some examples:

  1. In Gwenview, I configure hot keys, everything goes fine, but when I leave the program and enter again, the configuration I made is not there. The default configuration is running instead. (This didn’t happens in my previous installation)

  2. I configure some hot keys in Terminal. I leave and enter, and that is ok. They are as I configure them. The problem is: The don’t work. e.g.: I configure Ctrl+Shift+! to the first session, Ctrl+Shift+" to the second sessiom, biçut when I press those combination nothing happens. (And in previous installation I had them like that, and worked, so I don’t understand why they don’t now)

Well, that’s all for now

hope you can help me

best regards