Applications disappear

I’ve installed Visualboy advance on OpenSuse 11.2 and it is no where to be found. YaSt says its installed but it is not in kick-off or when using run application.

Also as a side note… In Kick-off the computer section that has yast and run command and another app. YaSt and the other app (I can’t remember what it was) have disappeared and only run command is left.

Not sure what Visualboy is (Gameboy?)
Is it installed in wine?

Visualboyadvance is a gameboy emulator. I installed it through YaSt.

Look in yast to see what the command to launch will be and run it from a terminal

Total noob to the whole YaSt thing… How do I figure out the command?

Open a terminal and see the output of:

rpm -q --list VisualBoyAdvance | grep /usr/bin

Lee2010 wrote:
> I’ve installed Visualboy


but, for next time, let me bring to your attention the place here
where games are discussed/fixed/tuned/etc:

you can easily get to that link from this page:

it appears as “Games” directly under the “Applications” forum’s entry…


Well… an emulator is not the game itself.

gropiuskalle wrote:
> Well… an emulator is not the game itself.

almost correct…more correct: Visual Boy Advance a game system emulator…

useful only for running games, therefore . . .


I don’t mean to be picky, but Lee2010 does not have a problem with a game.

@syampillai - this is what I get

 rpm -q --list VisualBoyAdvance | grep /usr/bin

@palladium - I’m sorry Visualboyadvance is the biggest problem on my mind at the moment but I posted in this thread because Visualboyadvance was nowhere to be found after installing it and apps are disappearing from Kickoff. Next time I will make two different threads :wink:

ok there it is does it start from the command line?

If you manually installed you will need to add it to the menu or make a shortcut yourself.

Lee2010 wrote:
> Next time I will make two different threads :wink:

i find it is always best to put entirely different problem in their
own thread, and in the correct forum…and with a descriptive
subject line (like this is, for only one of your questions)

that a game guru happened to have an answer for you in this forum is
lucky/good for you, but don’t depend on (say) a networking gurus in
every forum…if you catch what i mean…


From a terminal, see if you can run it and if it is looking OK, we can create a menu item for it: