application where to paste a photo and etit like windows paint or irfanview

is there a native linux application where to paste a photo and edit like windows paint or irfanview?
now I use gimp, but is quite big for a weak laptop, mppaint doesn’t do this, wht can I use?

I typically use (under KDE) gThumb, it can resize, crop, rotate, mirror/flip and has color correction options, enough for simple editing.

When using Spectale to capture a screen shot it will give you the option to open it in gThumb, never tried pasting.

Another fairly basic one to take a look at is “nomacs”

It’s available in the “graphics” repository. ( )

Two options which I’ve used in the past: Krita and Pinta (both available from the OSS repo). Pinta is the simpler of the two, so maybe more familiar to MS Paint users perhaps. Kolourpaint is another similar KDE application I recall from a few years back.

And in OSS. I tried searching for it for 15.2 using, resulting in this:

I use Kolourpaint for very simple editing
native kde app similar to MS paint

Yes, it is indeed in the OSS repository… Looking back at bash_history it’s seems I managed to omit the “s” on “nomacs” when I issued: “zypper se -s nomac” :embarrassed:

I tried searching for it for 15.2 using, resulting in this:

“You are not authorized to access this page.” ? I think most of the reports on “progress” are marked as private.

A ridiculous default that ultimately usually gets changed by someone with authorization. Title:

software search produces bad URL (404) for “Add repository and install manually”
link which when not broken avoids the common 1-click nightmare.

maaaanythanks, kolourpaint is what I was lookingfor

applications like gwenview , rustretto can do basic photo editing like cropping,resizing,etc.
If you want something more advanced you can use gimp
If gimp is not what you like you can run your old MS Paint on linux using wine
or you can use a web based photo editor like photopea


Fotoxx is quite powerful, but fast and light. The UI can take some getting used to. You can find it in the Multimedia Photo repo for Leap 15.2 or Tumbleweed.

Using Gwenview, KolourPaint, Krita, GIMP, LibreOffice Draw, Darktable, Blender, …
Even Irfanview with Wine.

No need for M$ or web-cloud-etc.-based stuff.

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install fotoxx

Thank you, @Svyatko. My usual search on did not find it. There’s now a new repo in my list!

While Krita will allow you to paint lines and text to the photo, the non-database part of digiKam – showFoto – will allow you to do everything else related to working with photos –

  • Resizing; cutting; rotating (correcting the horizon).
  • Correcting defects; adding effects; adding decorations …
  • And, just seen it now – adding text to the photo.
  • Correcting perspective – such as buildings tipping backwards …
  • Creating a panorama from multiple photos …

To add to the previous advises above.
To add more functionality to krita and Gimp.
You can install G’Mic and install the G’Mic
plugin for Gimp and Krita.

Krita is a bit heavier than Gimp, but have some
additional capabilities like vector graphics similar to inkscape.