application to convert html + data files to PDF

If you save a webpage, you get the HTML file and a folder with images. I found a web utility to convert web pages to PDF format.This works, but include ads inside the PDF page. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I don’t want another firefox add-on.

I have libre office writer. What’s the name of a simple utility that does this? Thanks.

On Mon, 29 Aug 2016 22:06:01 +0000, lord valarian wrote:

> If you save a webpage, you get the HTML file and a folder with images. I
> found a web utility to convert web pages to PDF format.This works, but
> include ads inside the PDF page. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I don’t want another firefox
> add-on.
> I have libre office writer. What’s the name of a simple utility that
> does this? Thanks.

Print from web browser to PDF?

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I’d say try wkhtmltopdf
it prints a nicely formatted text searchable pdf (or an image if you like big files) from a html input
it even converts url’s on the web you can make a pdf out of or see the man page :wink:
it’s in the publishing repo (it is a stable official repo)

There is (or was) a nice Firefox addon based on wkhtmltopdf
the mozilla addons page seams to be gone
nothing is ever gone on the intrawebz
this usually happens when the developer removes his project, a linux xpi can be found on the home page
before using read-up the Linux part in the FAQ

I use Firefox and when printing the “Print to file” from the list of printers available.
You are offered the choice of Postscript or PDF. And when you choose PDF there are several parameters you can use (like paper size, headings or not, etc). Works fine to me.

yes but the files generated with print to are dumb pdf’s with no links/bookmarks etc, wkhtmltopdf and the Firefox Print pages to Pdf addon go a little further then just converting html to pdf, it converts links, creates bookmarks and a lot more features, with a little tweaking you can use the addon with the opensuse wkhtmltopdf binary, unfortunately I haven’t updated my Leap in a few weeks and I still use Firefox 47, I know mozilla completely blocked unsigned addons on the windows build so the above xpi will not work on windows, I;m not sure about the openSUSE policy about addons signing, if they just compiled with mozilla’s config files unsigned addons will not work (I have 2 or 3 abandoned unsigned addons) so the above xpi is useless, on the other hand it integrates with Scrapbook+
I love this addon and it’s parent/fork

scrapbook+ together with “Print pages to Pdf” is the best solution for people needing to collect and archive a lot of data from the web in to pdf.

The firefox addon I found does the same as the webpage. It inserts ads into the PDF. Firefox doesn’t have that function by default, save as PDF or group HTML with data in one file.

the above addon I mentioned uses an application running under your system it does not inject ads
the thing is it comes bundled with a 32bit Linux app that is obsolete, you can remove wkhtmltopdf-i386, and that come with the addon, install the opensuse version of wkhtmltopdf and link it to the dir where the old app is, they write that the so are not used anymore but you can link the 64bit so from the opensuse rpm

rm $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/<your_firefox_profile>/extensions/printPages2Pdf@reinhold.ripper/libraries/wkhtmltopdf-i386
rm $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/<your_firefox_profile>/extensions/printPages2Pdf@reinhold.ripper/libraries/
ln /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/<your_firefox_profile>/extensions/printPages2Pdf@reinhold.ripper/libraries/wkhtmltopdf-i386
ln /usr/lib64/ $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/<your_firefox_profile>/extensions/printPages2Pdf@reinhold.ripper/libraries/

if you plan on doing the above set your <your_firefox_profile> as it’s different for each user mine is \je6cuupx.default\ you should use a file manager and see yours

is a very cool addon I used it a few years ago, the addon it self does not embed ads and if you use an adblocker like ublock origin
you’ll get rid of embedded ads.
the thing with that addon is that it uses a 32bit application and LEAP (including Firefox we use) is 64bit
there are 2 ways to get this addon working
#1 in yast install the 32bit runtime, the pros is that it’s a simple way to get it working, the con is that you install a lot of extra packages and you’ll use an older app
#2 the method I posted above, the pro is that it requires 1 extra package and you’ll get the latest version of the app, the con is that it’s more complex to setup

after a delayed update to firefox 48 I tested the “Print pages to Pdf” addon
thankfully openSUSE didn’t follow mozilla’s idiotic blocking of unsigned addons (fingers crossed for future builds)
and it works fine out of the box no need for tweaking, I’d still recommend updating the binary but that’s not needed

searching for addon: print to PDF

I installed this, no ads and hopefully no nasty viruses or spyware. This one works, but no PDF preview to adjust text size. Else, excellent add-on.

Print friendly and PDF. I’m still exploring the other options.

I’v tried this in opensuse 42.1 - kde. It showed print to file, but I couldn’t find where the file went. On mswin after selecting PDF, it went to something called foxitreader. I’ll try to print to file again in opensuse.

It goes to the current directory by default (normally your home directory if you started the application from the application menu).
The text field should show you.
If you click on the “file select” button on the right, you can choose the directory and filename to which it should “print” (or just type it into the text field).
PS: This is kwrite, I overlooked that you actually asked about Firefox.
But with Firefox it’s similar. There’s a text field for the file name, and a chooser for the directory below it. The default folder is your home directory, the default file name is mozilla.pdf.

Also, I forgot to say i’m using 3 different OS’s for this function, all using firefox: opensuse, windows 10, windows 7.

It’s windows 7 that doesn’t show where the file goes. Print–> click print to file –> It doesn’t show the file name.

Thanks for the help. Due to time limits. I’v not gotten to this idea, but I will at some later date. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently retested the print pages to pdf addon
and it works out of the box, no tweaking needed, actually the wkhtmltopdf that comes from opensuse is partially crippled as the developer uses a custom Qt library so if you want to update the binary get the stable build from the developer

That’s not my experience.

For me, it always goes to “Desktop”. But that’s because I deliberately saved it there once, and it remembers that as the default for future “print to file”.

But the first time – before I ever set anything – it goes to the firefox profile directory, typically something like

My statement was about KDE’s print dialog, in kwrite e.g. as can be seen on the screenshot I posted below.
I doubt that this would go to $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/ by default… :wink: