application that automatically plays itunes podcasts

Hello all,

I am using itunes on Windows to listen to different radio shows and I am interested if there is any application in openSUSE that can automatically read the link to the podcast as it is present on apple’s page.

I found a way to play the podcast thru Amarok but I had to convert somehow the link from apple to some xml that Amarok can understand.

I’m thinking maybe if there is something more straightforward.



Did you try Rythmbox?

I am using KDE. Seems that Rythmbox is only for Gnome correct?

Even if it’s written in GTK (that is, primarily for GNOME), you can run GNOME program on KDE. So, give it a try. :wink:

It’s really nice. I like how it’s organized. thanks!

But as in amarok I have to convert the itunes url with Feed Flipper: Free iTunes Podcast to RSS Converter and after that I can play it.