Application suddenly closes and system lock up

Hello, I have a problem with my tumbleweed system running on my xps 15 9550. Whatever running applications I am running can closes itself and the system will simply froze. The cursor still works but opening any programs after that will not open it. I cannot even use the terminal as it always gives an input/output error. This occurs randomly, it can appear suddenly and sometimes the system can run fine for hours before it occurs.

I suspect that it might do with my nvme ssd a Toshiba thnsn5512gpu7 as on the same laptop I have a windows installation running and the problem was the drivers for the nvme. Replacing the drivers in windows fixes the problem. A similar problem may exists here on the my tumbleweed system. However I could not found any fixes for this. I could not found any errors in the logs that indicate any other problem.

How do you keep your TW up to date? Should always be ‘zypper dup’ nothing else.

I always update my system with zypper dup with the official repos, the Packman repo and the nvidia repo for bumblebee.

What desktop are you using?

What display manager?

I suggest installing and switching your display manager to kdm, see if that solves the problem.

After installing kdm, you can switch to it in Yast=>/etc/sysconfig Editor=>Desktop=>Display manager=>DISPLAYMANAGER

Report back here if that helps or not.

I am using gnome and gdm as my display manager. I will try switch to kdm to see it changes anything.

… probably not, though, but I guess worth a try.