Application mysteriously autostarting

Recently I’ve been having Opera myseriously autostarting upon login. I’m not quite sure why as I never put in an autostart for Opera nor save a session with Opera. I checked in System Settings-Advanced-Autostart and nothing is listed there except for Deluge which I put there. I checked in .config/autostart, nothing. I checked in .kde4/share/config/session and do not see a listing for Opera. I also checked .kde4/Autostart and .kde4/share/autostart and saw nothing. I even checked .xinitrc and /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.common and didn’t see anything in there that would be autostarting Opera. That exhausts the areas I know to look. I’ll eventually get around to scrapping my .config and .kde4 directories to see if that affects it and then narrow down from there but it isn’t high on my priority list so I’m checking here to see if I’m missing anything blatant. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Do you by any chance, restart your system without closing Opera ?


Even if he did, it’s really not supposed to start it at startup, since it’s not in sessions. You probably pressed some short-key or something, I’ve never head somebody complain about a thing like this. I don’t think it’s a bug. Just a flaw that happened to appear that certain boot.

Do you login to another DE like gnome or xfce?

Really?! If I close KDE (4.2) without closing open applications first, next time I reboot my computer those applications always reopen.
I presumed this was an expected behaviour in KDE 4.xx

Ok, I was eventually able to track it down. The saved sessions are being stored in .kde4/share/config/ksmserverrc. Handy to know! I deleted the entries for Opera from in there and that seems to have cleared up the problem. It’s a mystery as to why it was not being cleared from there previously though, as I tested and made certain that no Opera processes were still running the last time I tested it. The reason I don’t want Opera as a restored session is that it plugins break, so I have to close out and restart Opera. There’s also a few other reasons but that’s the biggest one as to why it is a pain. Thanks for the help.