Application Launchers

I am running 11.4 (64 bit) with kde 4.7.0 and I am not to sure how resolve this.
Whenever I start the machine up, on the taskbar firefox and dolphin are automatically loaded, I do NOT want them loaded as application launcher type, I normally drag them down there myself, or any other programme I wish to add. although, the do get removed when I click on them, but, they come back when I log out, reboot or switch on first thing. I hope that makes sense.

Whenever I make the taskbar smaller, those 2 programme icons are much smaller that when I drag programmes down.

So I am not using KDE 4.7, but I wonder how is the following configuration is set?

Menu / Personnel Settings / System Administration Group / Startup and Shutdown / Session Management (On Left) / On Login (group) / Start with an empty session (bullet)

Thank You,