Application launcher changed to simple context menu

Suddenly the application launcher (the one that pops out when pressing the green chameleon button) has changed and I no longer get the formerly so pretty application launcher. Instead I now get a simple context menu style drop down menu.

I first noticed this after I updated PackageKit. is there a way to get this back to the previous applicationn launcher. When adding just the applet (without the button) it still looks the same, just the button doesn’t pop it out anymore, as it chose to pop out a grey drop down instead.

This is on OpenSuse 11.4 KDE 4.5 and the latest desktop kernel

many thanks in advance

If you right-click on the “K” icon that you see on the panel, and then select “Switch to Application Launcher Style” (or so) does that give you what you want?


Seems I was too upset to open my eyes properly :slight_smile: