Application installation on Gnome Suse 11

I know how to install the packages and such, but where do they go? They dont show up under applications, 2 examples would be Limewire, and Some dock program. Everytime I go to run Limewire I gotta run the command through command screen. And I successfully installed the docking program and its nowhere to be found.

Also do you know how windows uses the “Program Files” for they’re applications what does linux use and where can I find it!



If it’s an rpm it’s all in the rpm_name.spec file so is dependent on
the rpm packager where it goes, if indeed into a menu item. So then the
packager needs to determine which DE your using etc, what icon to make
etc etc. They may give up and not do it. If it’s DE specific then
generally it will appear as a menu item.

Download a src rpm and unpack it and have a look…

For tarballs you would need to tweak the so it again goes
to the right places.

For linux the locations can be down in the /opt or /usr in a directory
bin (binary) and sbin (superuser binary). Tarballs (gzip files)
generally get put in /usr/local (again some purists frown upon this) I
generally add a prefix so they go into /usr if I’m compiling from

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