Application for make a video


I am looking for an application to make videos. What I want is a program that record all mouse movements and keyboard input… like the screen capture, with the difference that instead of having 1 jpg with a picture, I’ll have a video format with certain time of minutes captured.

I hope you understand what is I’m looking for and hope there’s a program on suse that do that.

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Kazam will do exactly what you want.

You can get it here.


go here : Search

enter “recordmydesktop” in the searchbox and then choose the application necessary for your system (you didn’t tell us what OS version/ gui etc you have)…



I downloaded kazam but I cannot run it. At first, when I click the item in the menu show me the icon next to the mouse pointer, the he icon disappear and the application is not running. I don’t know… maybe is because I’m using KDE and this application seems to be for GNOME.

By the way… I’m using Suse 12.2 KDE environment. All the rest is in my signature.

I installed another software from and now it works !!

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On 2013-01-04 11:46, agunet74 wrote:
> I installed another software from and now it works
> !!

Why do you keep the name secret? There may people with same question
searching in months to come.

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Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4, with Evergreen, x86_64 “Celadon” (Minas Tirith))

Although I cannot recommend one over another,

I’ve recently played around a little with these screencast applications (Capture Desktop to Video)


I’ve mostly been using xvidcap because it seems lighter and gets the job done but my impression is that istanbul might be more versatile.


Thank you for notice it Carlos. The program I installed is gtk-recordmydesktop



If you run KDE, the qt version would be better, which is now recorditnow.

Two other programs I can recommend are:



Thanks to those who have provided a variety of suggestions in the thread (I’ll have check some of them out in the future)

As a (vague) note - though it is not apparent, there are actually a couple of additional packages one has to install in order to get Kazam to work … I’d have to check my notes again as to which particular ones that is, but I’m pretty sure I noted them in a prior thread a good while back. Anyway, once one does that, it works pretty good for capping both the audio (from and source) and video using the webm/mp4 codec container pairing … IIRC the other native offering is buggy.

Recordnow is good, though the rectangular selection is not working properly.
I have to move the application window in a way that the rectangular window of recordnow won’t hit some of the application menu which I am recording.
and just the portion of objects that I want to record will be the one inside the record now rectanglular record area.

Is there the same application that I can use that can select a rectangular area to record with ease? Not the whole screen or the whole application window?

The package recorditnow does not appear to be part on the released openSUSE, it can be found in KDE “factory” however.

It is in the packman repositories