Application for editing video?

Hi everyone. I’m searching for any free application that would allow me
edit home made videos in mpg and avi format. I need just some simple
functionalities like cropping, splitting and joning videos. I have suse
11.1. Any advice welcome.


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Avidemux is my favourite. Very simple to use, is what i need since i’m
not a professional video editor!


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Kdenlive is my favorite: ‘Home page | Kdenlive’
( :wink:

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Thanks guys, I’ll give them a try :slight_smile:


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I have tried most of them and was very disappointed. Film editing is one
of the few domains where really you cannot find any software that allow
you to do some professional work. But for a basic job you can still try.
One that I have not tested is Open Movie Editor ( ‘Open Movie Editor’
( ). You can also read this
thread for more : ‘TECH SOURCE FROM BOHOL: Free/Open-source Video
Editing Software’ (


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