Application crashes after memory usage is up to 100%

I use TW KDE and my Houdini crashes after memory usage tops up to 100% even if I have 32 GB RAM. I haven’t crash logs also because they weren’t generated. Also I have no Swap partition and my SSD space is above 50GB.

Yeah i ran into this problem as well with games.

My solution was to enable zram ( which is extremely easy on Tumbleweed ).

That way you have a compressed swap file in your ram which never made me have the crashing problem again.

I don’t know when the default behaviour when low on ram changed to just crashing. I have a feeling its new in the 6.8 or 6.9 kernel, but its just a gut feeling. Never used to have this problem before on older kernels.

AFAIK if you have no swap space (on disk, zram or whatever) when you run out of available RAM the kernel calls the out of memory (oom) killer and kills the offending application and that has always been the case. I don’t know if recent kernels have changes in the memory allocation logic that makes such occurrences more frequent for you or newer versions of the apps simply use more RAM than they used to…

Thats how it used to work. And i had 2 or 4 gb of traditional swap on a SSD on top of my 16gb of RAM.

But once the RAM and SWAP are full … your system will technically not crash. If you are living a 1 frame per hour life … your system will still be awake and not crash. It will just freeze, but only very very slowly move forward.

Complete guess here : Since this only happens to me with games run via gamemode … and gamemode sets the games to a higher priority or niceness, the kernel can’t or doesn’t want to kill them. The kernel and program that floods your RAM are then stuck in a standoff.

This 1000% did not use to happen. Even games run via gamemode would just get shot by the kernel once they reach like 99% memory consumption.

Well, the title reads “Application crashes…” (read the oom killer kills the application) and that is the expected behaviour without swap.
If you mean “system crashes” instead, I agree that there must be a bug somewhere.

The application doesn’t crash either. Your system will just freeze.

Not sure if I should install this zRAM or just cut a couple of GB to make a Swap partition?
I’d like to prevent my SSD from extra writings because a already lost one because of TBW consumption.

I personally think you should use zram.

Do everything the blog post says before the first headline “Too many zRAM devices are created”. Disregard everything after that, because its outdated and merged into openSUSE already.

Make sure you set the zram service to autostart and just reboot.


sudo zypper install systemd-zram-service && sudo zramswapon


Then, open YaST Services Manager, and make zramswap service to start on boot.

Reboot after that and you are done.

The optimizations mentioned in update 2 of the blogpost are optional, yet highly recommended. If you don’t feel comfy doing them, dont do them. You can do them later.

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I’m using a combination of zram and earlyoom. There have been enough comments about the first, so I won’t go into detail about that one, but I think the latter is a good addition to zram, because it kills processes that are hogging memory resources a lot faster than the kernel itself does.

While it might still be inconvenient when an application gets killed because of high memory usage, at least the system doesn’t freeze anymore.

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