Application Browser

I installed the Gnome Desktop after the KDE desktop.

I don’t have any Descriptions under the program icons in the Application Browser.


Computer > More Applications Button > 1,000,000 installed programs all with Icons only!

Can anyone help with this?

Do you have descriptions in the main applications, that is, the ones that are immediately accessible in the menu?

I don’t use Gnome so don’t really know what is the standard behavior but I don’t expect a gnome installation to mess with the installed applications desktop files. Maybe the behavior under Gnome is different or simply most of the applications don’t have a description.

YES Everything else is ok. Just the Applications Browser doesn’t have descriptions.

There is supposed to be an Icon with a description of the program.
ie: the calcaulater Icon should say Calculator under the calculater Icon.

I have exactly the same problem. Makes the whole system practically unusable.

I tried looking at the .desktop files – look fine, Program names are there.

I tried creating a new user. Same problem.

I tried strace on the “application-browser” application – but there is so much chaff that-s it hard to know where the configuration file could be found.

Control center and alacarte seem to have no controls over this.

There is no man page nor web page.

I don’t mind trying to figure things out – but you have to meet us half way with a less opaque system. This is like MSWindows.