application accross a network

Not sure whether it fits in this topic but i need some help.
I am a green n00by to linux and openSUSE.

I have downloaded opensuse installed perfectly and am trying to run an application which runs a database server and client on one machine and the other machine runs a client connecting to the server with OpenSUSE as well.

The network in between is ok but I am having issues with the client communicating to the server. It is getting an error while trying to connect.
I believe it could be a host problem on the server and have managed to find the pgsql directory and edited a conf file which had some info on acceptable connections etc.

Could a kind member help me with some basics on how to allow connections to pgsql to the local network. It is 192.168.0.x/24 network.
Their is an entry in their I think and I did restart the database after I made changes.

Many kind thanks in advance.

you do not tell what client/server software you are using. When you configure well know servers like ssh, nfs via YaST, YaST will not only start the server but also open the filewall ports for that service. When you start your own service, you must configure the firewall to open the port(s) needed.

You could just switch the firewall off on the server for a few minutes to see if the client can connect. Then you know foi sure it is in blocked ports.