applicatingions are restored to default every restart

Hi everyone,

I’m new to linux and I’ve been trying things out with the new GNOME 3 (my first linux desktop/laptop OS). I was installing and changing some settings yesterday which did not show any significant changes to my desktop environment. However, today when I restarted my desktop the applications in the favorites panel have been set back to default. I replaced the evolution mail client with thunderbird already but every time I replace it and restart it reverts back to evolution. My network icon, bluetooth icon, volume control, and universal access buttons at the top right corner are invisible. When I hover over them I can manipulate them but otherwise its as if they are not there. My guess right now is that it might be that my software update was canceled halfway through because of the loss of internet connection. My battery icon was also changed. Any help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

FYI - its been fun, while sometime frustrating, to be able to tweak and configure so much stuff! Using linux made me understand more my laptop! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve finished installing the software updates and the same problem still exists. I’ve also noticed that some of the font colors have changed (it was white before, now its white). I also noticed that I can’t save my changes to ‘tweak advanced settings’.

Thanks again

More info on my problem - It seems something has taken over my GNOME 3’s dekstop control settings. I just tried changing my desktops background picture I couldn’t change it using the background settings in the system settings panel.