Appliance email notification

Hey everybody,

just installed the appliance and was wondering how to get the email notification to work since there is no mta installed.

I’ve tried to use the postfix package and also the msmtp package.
Sending a mail via commandline (sendmail) on the OBS Server workerd but not if ex. a build failed (user notification activated).

Any hints?

There is no “the appliance” that anyone would know about.
Many “appliances” have been created on OBS.

This forum is mainly for the <development> of software, including projects on OBS which might be appliances…
But, not really for the support of any project… You’d probably have to contact the owner/author of the project.

If you know enough about exactly what is installed and configured, you can ask support questions in the Technical Help Forums, I’d recommend the Applications Forum. But even if you post there, you’ll have to know plenty of info about the problem you’re asking for help. IMO you may also benefit installing applications from scratch from an educational point of view.


Sorry, with “this appliance” i meant the OBS Appliance it self which you can download from here

Ok, i thought it would also for the OBS server / worker which you can host yourself.