Apple Vs. HTC!! My Feelings

This is just another example of why software patents are idiotic to say it nicely. Any company can sue another and most likely win due to people’s lack of understanding about software. Patents are designed for physical materials and not software, example :an off brand shoe can’t use a Nike swoosh or a car company can’t make cars that looks just like another companies(even though they generally do look to much a like)and one can’t patent the microwavable smore maker. Yeah Apple, it is sad that your name is being brought up in the same comment as ridiculous smore concept, whats next are you going to try to sue the Snuggie makers. For me to be commenting on this matter says a lot. Being from the Linux Community there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t here about some patent battle with Microsoft, but for Apple to test the waters and use Microsoft’s business strategy is just ridiculous. The whole patenting of software is ludicrous for the simple fact its so hard to prove and it normally doesn’t get either company anywhere(Apple will turn people to Microsoft and HTC will loose business). Unless HTC copied word for word the code that goes into the iPhone or put a big Apple logo on it to trick customers, then maybe I would understand. So I guess APPLE is going to say that they patent the idea of the screen flipping when you turn the phone sideways and no one else can use it, if that doesn’t sound like Microsoft then I’m not sure what does.Software patents are just a way to try to get money off of someone else success and patents on software should stop being used period!!! It gives a company that is falling behind the times and debuting tablets that are named after a feminine care products a chance to stay in business. I used to envy Apple but that’s long gone now. The simple fact of the matter is that If Apple didn’t have the Apps and hundreds of thousands of brain washed drones that feel the need to spend $2,000 more then what there PC and Software is worth then they wouldn’t have any thing!!!

I’ve got an idea for Apple maybe they can join Microsoft and SCO on a permanent trip somewhere and let us as consumers make are own decisions and let the IT world flourish and not be held back by stupidity and ridiculous law suits!!! Just a thought from a now and forever Linux user, thats for ruining the software guys!!!