AppImage scroll bar issues

I’m running Tumbleweed with KDE.
I’m running an accounting program called Manager, and it is installed as an AppImage.

I have two scroll bar issues:

  1. the horizontal scroll bar is invisible, but functional if you know where to click
  2. the vertical scroll bar is not fully right-justified, it’s slightly shifted to the left.

I’ve posted in the forums for Manager, and one person on a Mac said it works fine for them, and a second person said on Mint it worked but for Ubuntu-mate they had to change to a dark theme to see the horizontal scroll bar.

I tried the suggestion of changing to a dark theme, and selected Breeze Dark, and when that didn’t work I installed another dark theme called SweetKDE which also didn’t work. To be more precise, the OpenSuse theme did change, but the theme of the AppImage was unaltered.

There is a screenshot on the Manager forum post I linked to above showing the vertical scroll bar issue.

Anyone have any thoughts on what’s going on?


I just got a useful response on the Manager forum. It turns out I can run my operating system’s web browser to connect to my AppImage of Manager instead of using the AppImage to view/edit my data. When I do this, my horizontal and vertical scroll bars are correct.