AppArmor Wizard won't scan audit log


I’m trying to make an AppArmor profile for firefox using the Wizard, however nothing happens when I click Scan. I have no idea what could be wrong or where to start looking. There is audit.log in /var/log/audit, and it rotates every time I start the Wizard.

I’ve managed to run a couple of successful scans initially, but now I can’t. I removed all logs from /var/log/audit, removed the profiles I wanted to create anew, even restarted the system.

Just nothing happens when I click scan anymore. No errors or warnings in any of the logs in /var/log.

What am I missing?


The problem was in large audit log. While exercising various operations in Firefox, I left a youtube video to run, and I guess constant writing to audio device filled up the log. Stopping the video after a second or two was enough to obtain required operation.