App menus on task panel of second monitor

Opensuse Leap 15.0

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When I open any application the app main menu bar goes to the bottom panel of the second monitor!. Even if it went to the bottom panel of the first monitor, it would be a very undesirable effect, now imagine having to go to the second monitor to have access to the app main menu. I have tried to fix this, but the only approach I came up with is to add a menu icon (application window upper left) through which I can have access to the application menu.

So what I want is to remove the application menu from the bottom panel and put it back to where it should be: on top of the application window itself. Any ideas?

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I think you may have inadvertently added an application menu bar to the second screen. Right-click the desktop and select unlock widgets. Then click the horizontal lines on the menu bar to edit the settings, then right-click again and select “Remove this panel.” You’ll need to close and re-open your apps, but the menus should re-appear in their usual place at the top of the application once that menu bar is removed from the desktop.

Please, at least next time you have a problem with your desktop, explian first and foremost what desktop you are using. It is not nice for people that try to help you to first have to search for hints in your post if this is about KDE, Gnome, another one???

Thanks for your replys

  • KDE Frameworks 5.45.0
    Qt 5.9.4 (built against 5.9.4)
    The xcb windowing system

I removed the panel from the second monitor and then added it again. That solved half of the problem: I don’t have the noisy app menu bar inside the bottom panel.

Now the problem is: How can I get my app menu bar on top of each app window?

As I mentioned before, all I could do is adding a menu icon:


The application menu panel is what is causing your problem, you need to remove it completely. If that panel is anywhere on the desktop, your application menu items will appear there when you open them, rather than in the app window. After removing it, you have to close all your apps and reopen them for the menus to appear in the correct location.

Thanks for your reply.

I removed the application panel. But still I don’t get my app menus back to their place. All what I managed to do is put a menu icon though which I can have access to the apps menu:


Solution found here:


Thanks everybody!