app icons jumping around in system tray

Each time I bring up the system tray (auto-hide on) to select an app, the icons have shifted. I’ve been using openSuse 12.3 for about a year and this is a recent development–very annoying. They used to be in the same order, largely the order in which they opened. Did I accidentally change the configuration somewhere?

Do you refer to openSUSE 13.1 ?

Sorry not to be specific. It’s on 12.3 that the icons are jumpy. 13.1 seems stable on a server, but the LIVE DVD doesn’t seem to like my notebook so I’m sticking with 12.3 for a while.

If 12.3 did run (from your hard disk), why 13.1 shouldn’t ?

Couldn’t you shrink existing partitions to make room for another root (or /) partition of about 20-32 GB,
and another /home partition of about the same size, on which 13.1 could be installed ?

SWAP can be used by even a Linux that is 5-10 years old or more, so no need here.

In that case those partitions should be created first, after making a backup of at least important data.

Then you could install on the new partitions from the DVD, using expert mode/create partition setup
(i.e. not accepting the proposals of the openSUSE installer regarding partitioning).

That would give you an opportunity to really test, as well as to install proprietary graphics drivers.

Good luck

I don’t see this behaviour in KDE4, either in 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 or 13.1 64-bit.

Two things you could try:

  1. Lock widgets. Does it makes a difference?

  2. Update KDE4, if not already. Add the pertinent repos from SDB:KDE repositories - openSUSE and switch to the packages in them.

  1. You could also play with the systray icons visibility settings (right click notifications area, configure, etc.).