App distributions for what distro might work on opensuse

I work with math/science aps. I try to compile them myself on opensuse. Sometimes it might be necessary to download a precompiled distribution tar.gz file.

I am wondering what would be the best choice of a download distribution that would have the best chance of installing and running properly on opensuse. For some reason math/science software is not often precompiled for opensuse by the developers.

e.g., choices might include:

debian (although I know deb packages don’t often work even with alienware,
and others.

Anyone with any good experiences, rather than trying a shot in the dark.

thanks, tom kosvic

Always compile locally, my preference is OBS and rpm, easy to prepare and build locally, or grab a src rpm (rpm distros) and rebuild locally…

You might want to try flatpak. Quite a lot of stuff is already there.
Also you can run ldd on the downloaded executable (from tar.gz) it will show you the library dependencies of it.