App auto-startup

Hi all,
How do you configure apps to auto-start on bootup?
Have looked around forum and package manager can’t find answer.
Would appreciate any help
Many Thanks

Services (such as Samba, Apache etc) or actual applications such as Firefox, music players or something else?

Also if you want applications to autostart, what desktop are you using? GNOME or KDE?

Which Desktop Environment?

KDE automatically starts by default all applications that were still running when you logged out/rebooted/shutdown.
You can configure this in “Configure Desktop” (aka. systemsettings)->“Startup and Shutdown”->“Session Management”.
Or you can configure applications/scripts to be run on login (scripts can also be run at logout) in “Configure Desktop” (aka. systemsettings)->“Startup and Shutdown”->Autostart.

Other Desktop Environments might provide similar settings.

What should work with all DE’s is to create a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart/, or copy one from /usr/share/applications/ to start an installed application.
See also here f.e.:

When you say bootup that basically means when your system boot’s up that app should start i.e. the Firewall,Network etc services which does not involve the X server or gui stuff per se, or you are refering to starting the app during log-in ?