Após instalação e Configuração, falha Init 5

Fiz a instalação do OpenSuse 11.3, alterei a resolução da tela para 1024x780 na instalação, mas depois de tudo o sistema dá uma falha ao carregar os serviços do Init 5, fica a tela preta e não faz nada.

O que fazer?

PS: Testei com KDE e GNOME

Eduardo Pessoa

I tried, without very much success, to understand your request. I get some of it, but not enough to help. Can you translate it to English?


Hello Eduardo,

I don’t really know Portuguese either, but after an hour of listening to Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil … I’m ready to pretend!

It seems that you are stuck with the resolution chosen during the installation. It is not clear to me whether or not you are actually getting to run-level 5. Does gdm(login window for gnome) or kdm(login window for kde) appear? Or do either these get listed as failed services in the init output.

If you are able to login to either KDE or Gnome … changing the resolution will be simple. ASSUMING I read your post correctly … lol … your graphics card did not configure correctly.

If my reading is correct, please post the output of “hwinfo --gfxcard”.



Ok this is a courtesy translation so do not expect miracles:

"Hi guys,
I did an installation of OpenSuse 11.3, I did change the screen resolution to 1024x780 during installation, but after having finished, now the system fails to load the services of INIT 5, just stays with a blank screen and does not respond anymore.
What should I do?

PS. I have tried using both KDE and GNOME.

Hee hee … thanks for the translation stakanov … I did … ummmm … OK! And yep … would still like to gfxcard info :slight_smile:


To Eduardo … you should be able to boot failsafe mode! From there you can get more info about your actual system.


A Eduardo: podes hacer el “boot” a moda failsafe (seguro). De ai, chegas saber mais informações sobre o sistema.
Escriba por favor, o resultado do comando:

hwinfo --gfxcard


LOL, this is “homemade” Portughese, I hope he will understand what you need.

… and I thought I was having fun with this post … :stuck_out_tongue: