apcupsd demon not found

In 12.3 64 bit (KDE) the software and gui for apcupsd install ok, but there is no apcupsd daemon in runlevel services. This was necessary in 12.2 for monitoring the ups and without it, the gui does not show battery information.

Deleting and re-installing doesn’t fix the problem. Anyone got a fix for this please?

First: Make sure that you are up-to-date on patches. There was recent update to apcupsd related to this.

Second: If your package is up to date, then from a root command line, use:

systemctl start apcupsd.service
systemctl enable apcupsd.service

The first of those will start it for the current session. The second will make sure that it auto-starts on future sessions.

If you use those two commands, and it still is not running, then you failed to first update apcupsd >:(

Ah - many thanks for that. All is now well. :slight_smile: