apache2 start problems in 11.2 virtual environment (OpenVZ)

Hi all,

I’ currently trying to build a opensuse 11.2 template for OpenVZ. But now I got stuck with a problem already known from Fedora 11 (reference: Fedora 11 httpd: alloc_listener: failed to get a socket for (null) | Racker Hacker)

To make it short, it seems that there is a patch needed for the libapr used in OpenSuSE 11.2 to no longer receive the messages:

[crit] (22)Invalid argument: alloc_listener: failed to get a socket for (null)
Syntax error on line 19 of /etc/apache2/listen.conf:
Listen setup failed

I think the problem comes from kernel version available for OpenVZ, but as Fedora was able to fix this issue, I’m pretty sure OpenSuSE also will be :wink:


same problem here on linode. OpenSuSE 11.2

Wall hax!

if you have an account on the build service, you can install the version of APR here:


you’ll need to rpm -e --nodeps on libapr1 and ignore the warnings that you’ll burn up.

Once you install apr (and optionally the devel lib), restart apache and it works!