Apache2, site from user /home folder but keep phpMyAdmin installation from depo

I would like to use /home/USERNAME/htdocs/public_html as my directory for apache2. Preferably with localhost adress but I can live with localhost/~USER or smth. I want to keep phpMyAdmin installation available from address localhost/phpMyAdmin.
How can I do that? I am shocked that I can find solution on google, it’s like unbelievable for me. Yast http tool seems useless for that (an basically useless at all, because it’s definately not newbie friendly and if I’ll understand how to change something in it I will not need it anymore).

You need to enable mod_userdir for apache, restart the webserver, and have a vhost pointing to the proper folder in your homedir.

Isn’t mod_userdir enabled by default? File /home/karl/public_html/test shows up at http://erlangen.fritz.box/~karl/test.