apache2 problems

I broke my apache server. I went into the Yast administrator / HTTP Server and enabled the “rewrite” module. The server stopped working so I went back in and disabled it. Now the server still doesn’t work and when I try browsing to any of the sites on it all I see is a page that says “No database selected” for any sites using databases. For static sites I get a 404 error.

I broke rule #1 and didn’t have back-up configuration files so now I’m stuck. What could the Yast module have done to my configuration files? I have restarted apache several times and even re-booted the computer…

Any help would be appreciated.

No I’m still working on mine. I broke mine to and now trying to find out what I did or didn’t do. If I find what my problem is Ill let you know and that might help.

If you configure anything in apache manually and then try to reconfigure it with yast, it will wipe out whatever configuration you had and write the configuration file according to what you do in yast.
You probably just need to duplicate in yast whatever manual configs you had done before.

Just a thought,
You might want to make sure your website code/configuration is still working before you try to fix anything else (I suspect that a URL from within your network or from the machine itself should be possible without re-writing the URLs).

Of course, depends on how the webcode is written but my initial thought is that normally this kind of problem shouldn’t cause lost database connections (I guess a specific database connection can be specified in the URL but that’d be weird).