Apache2 mod_proxy bevaiour change since OS 10.3 ?

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though i am not 100% sure, that is the right forum, and if it is perhaps too specific:

We have migrated a Lucene (Regain) / Apache .htaccess setup (Lucene Port 8020 -> Apache2 Port 80) from OS 10.3 to OS 11.3, but have a massive decrease of access speed - it seems the results from the search engine “drip” with the OS 11.3 setup via the :80 port - in comparison in OS 10.3 they are lightning fast. Tests on the non-url-rewritten “Pure” 8020 port of the Regain-search engine have the same speed.

So our question: was there a systemic change how Apache2 in OS11.3 works than in OS10.3?

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— snip ----- /etc/apache2/default-server.conf
<Location “/search/”>
AuthName Name
AuthUserFile .htpasswd
AuthType Basic
<Limit GET POST>
require valid-user

— snap —

On 09/22/2011 11:56 AM, Eas1975 wrote:
> though i am not 100% sure, that is the right forum, and if it is
> perhaps too specific:

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this is primarily a forum of volunteer users helping needy
users…that is to say, i think you might need to chat with some of the
hackers/developers of Apache or (maybe) openSUSE…see, i guess as well
as moving to a new version of openSUSE you also moved to a new version
of Apache, right?

wait! when you say “OS 10.3” do you intend to write openSUSE 10.3 or
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP 3?? there is a big difference, first
being that SLES is a commercial product supported by the good folks at

your ID/Pass here works there…

you can learn exactly what version of which operating system you have by
returning the output of

lsb_release -a

to this thread…

if running openSUSE i would suggest you next get with our hackers via
IRC and/or mail list, how to do that is noted here:

but, if in fact it is an Apache change perplexing you, you may be best
off just going straight to the Apache folks, or their documentation,
release notes, etc…

but, none of the above means you might not get lucky and a guru happens
through with a perfect answer…so, you are very welcome to hang out, or
come back from time to time to check!!

sorry, i’d be more helpful if i could

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Hi David,

There have been significant changes to the various Apache proxy modules over the years, and it sounds like perhaps you were running a significantly different (older) version of Apache and proxy.

A few things I can think of to check: It looks like you are using just mod_proxy and not mod_proxy_ajp correct? (You can see what you are using with an a2enmod -l and by looking at /etc/sysconfig/apache2 )

You may find trying a different proxy may yield different results.

As a radical option, you could try nginx as a proxy, it gets a lot of attention these days for its performance, though to be quite honest you should be able to get Apache performing with similar results as you had before.

You can also try setting using LogLevel debug and see if it yields any additional info that may help you identify the problem.


Dear colleagues,

thank you for the fast response. I will try to recheck over the weekend. Nginx sounds like an option. And yes: it was the good old (and veryyy solid OpenSuSE 10.3 …).