apache2-mod_mono configuration problems

I’m studying Mono and I’ve decided to start with ASP .Net. Surely the first thing I need to do is to configure Mono to run ASP .Net. But I’ve not succeeded to configure neither debug mode nor deployed mode. When I start debugging I get the following messages:

Adding applications '/:.'...
Registering application:
    Host:          any
    Port:          any
    Virtual path:  /
    Physical path: /srv/www/mono/ASPStudy1/ASPStudy1/
Listening on address:
Root directory: /srv/www/mono/ASPStudy1/ASPStudy1
Error: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Address already in use
  at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Bind (System.Net.EndPoint local_end) [0x0006c] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/mono-2.8.2/mcs/class/System/System.Net.Sockets/Socket.cs:1801 
  at Mono.WebServer.XSPWebSource.CreateSocket () [0x00013] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/xsp-2.10/src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/XSPWebSource.cs:107 
  at Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer.Start (Boolean bgThread) [0x00077] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/xsp-2.10/src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs:326 
  at Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer.Start (Boolean bgThread, System.Exception initialException) [0x00007] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/xsp-2.10/src/Mono.WebServer/ApplicationServer.cs:306 
  at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer:Start (bool,System.Exception)
  at Mono.WebServer.XSP.Server.RealMain (System.String] args, Boolean root, IApplicationHost ext_apphost, Boolean quiet) [0x00737] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/xsp-2.10/src/Mono.WebServer.XSP/main.cs:467 
The application was terminated by a signal: SIGHUP

I’m using Apache both for ASP .Net and PHP but even if I comment the line for php5.conf in httpd.conf the error stays. I’ve also tryed to run the ASP .Net project that’s generated by default in Mono in deployed mode using for it

Alias /aspstudy1/ "/srv/www/mono/ASPStudy1/depl/"

but I get either error 503 or error 500 (although it was built and deployed successfully) and even I can’t understand why the particular one occurs in some moment. For configuration I’ve not found something more than mod_mono.conf, I’ve looked for content of the XSP package but I’ve not found some configuration files. Also I’ve tryed online configuration service for Mono (I can’t remember the link now) but I get the same errors (and they also appear chaotically, I also don’t understand what it depends of) if the host description generated by it. Tell me please how to configure ASP .Net with Apache properly in debug and in deployed modes.