Apache2 - how to contact the parties responsible for openSuSE's unique file distribution

I would like to talk with someone that understand how openSuSE has changed the file distribution on Apache2. openSuSE presents very little help with “module” installation and configuration and points back to Apache2. Fair enough, except that they outline and present instruction based on what they have designated/designed as file & folder locations; which is not where openSuSE has placed those files. I could be wrong, but one would think that applications like Apache and probably Samba which could or do have the intention of servicing clients from the internet would have a tad-bit more information on changes made to the file/folder structure that deviate from the vendor’s.

On 07/18/2012 09:46 PM, moduleight wrote:
> I would like to talk with someone that understand how openSuSE has
> changed the file distribution on Apache2

welcome new poster!!

there are a few exceptions, but by and large in these fora are users
helping users…that is to say that the packagers of the various
programs are usually not here…they are chained to a stool in the
basement and kept busy…

however, they are very often available on IRC and mail list…and, you
are welcome to try to make direct contact with the folks best able to
answer your question through either (or both) of those mediums…to get
there, begin here: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Communication_channels

i would recommed the opensuse@opensuse mail list and/or the IRC Support

OH, before you go there let me mention (because you said “openSuSE
presents very little help with “module” installation and configuration”)
and suggest that maybe you should make sure you have search through
all the documentation openSUSE has made available to you on Apache2
setup…you have (i guess) a freshly installed LAMP you want to get
humming, am i right? if so, have a look:

our docs online:

our wiki:

our forums:

those list just the stuff available in the openSUSE.org universe…and,
i’m sure there are several thousand happy campers who have blogged about
their trials, tribulations, successes and stumbles…and placed their
thoughts on the vast web, so look there also:


finally, on your point about where files are: there have been
discussions for years on where files should be, and there are LOTs
of different opinions, based on lots of really good reasons…and, the
very wonderful thing about Linux is there is no corporate headquarters
in Redmond or Cupertino that can both dictate the PRICE and the boundary
allowed…so, i’d just suggest when you bounce into the mail list or
IRC and have a talk with them because they did it ‘wrong’ . . .

0h! and be sure and read the article on Mailing list netiquette, linked
to on the page i gave you to the mail lists/irc…

again, welcome…


Thanks … wasn’t a rant or a rave and personally I don’t care where they are as long as they are somewhere.

Thanks again

Hi moduleight The openSUSE guide may well answer your questions about Apache v2.2 Chapter