Apache2 configuration question

I’m getting the following error from Apache:

[core:alert] [pid 3352] [client ::1:45900] /[path]/.htaccess: Options not allowed here

I’ve tried adding/modifying the following sections of the default-server.conf and vhosts.d/localhost.conf files with various combinations of the below options, but to no avail.

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All Options

It seems this error persists regardless of what follows Options or AllowOverride.

Any idea of what else might be causing this error?

Just give the webroot folder these options

 <Directory /path/to/vhost/webroot/>
  AllowOverride All
  Require all granted

It already has those options. I’m still getting the error.

No, you have a line

  AllowOverride All **Options**

Ok, well, I deleted that. I’m still getting the same error.

And, please post output/content of files between CODE tags, the # in de layout ribbon.

If you don’t succeed, post the content of the entire file like that.

I got it fixed. I had modified the webroot folder and neglected to change the settings in mod_userdir.conf.